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Feb 6, 2008 07:26 AM

Chinatown with work friends

This Friday a group of workmates (around 15) and I plan to Chinatown for Lunch. Any restaurants that can handle such a large group with little or no notice?


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  1. I think Amazing 66 on Mott St can do it. They have a $5 lunch menu and they also serve the elaborate dinner menu. Cantoon Garden is another good choice.

    1. Maybe Fuleen Seafood, on Division St.

      1. Amazing 66 is certainly a fine choice. Another restaurant that should definitely meet your need is Chatham Square 6 (not to be confused with Chatham Square 9 which is a hole in the wall). The restaurant has two floors and it is rarely completely occupied during lunch time. They have both Cantonese dim sum and regular dishes during lunch.

        1. I think Nha Trang (Baxter and White) would be excellent! I love that place! I think there are two locations...