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Mini Hamburger buns

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Does anyone know where i can buy buns for sliders? I have not seen them at Food Emporium and wonder if Whole Foods might have them or if I have to go to a bakery.

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  1. Martin's potato dinner rolls. Sell them at most grocery stores. Perfect for sliders.

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      exactly, esny! those martin's potato dinner rolls popped right into mind when i saw the thread title. they are perfect in that application. (love their hot dog and burger buns, too.)

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        Absolutely! Potato rolls/buns are the ONLY bun for burgers, IMHO!!!!!!!

        1. I just saw Balthazar brioche "buttons" in bags at Whole Foods in Chelsea - thought I'd post here in case someone looks for them again - thought they'd be perfect for sliders.

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            I agree on the Balthazar brioche buttons - they are great for mini-burgers, as I have used them myself for that purpose.

            Balthazar doesn't sell it in their bakery; it's custom baked for Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca. HOWEVER, if you call them by 1 p.m., they will custom bake it for you (you can pick it up at their store) for pick up the next day.