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vegas dining? i know - wrong board--->but....

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I believe you all will have some good ideas.

I am looking for somewhere nice/romantic, don't mind paying$$$ for good food but budget is an issue.

Any Angeleno suggestions?


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  1. Had a wonderful meal at Aqua in the Bellagio hotel last month. My companion and I each had the Chilean sea bass in a miso broth--we agreed it was among the best pieces of fish we had ever had. To start, I had some sort of raw fish salad which was wonderful (though I can't remember the details today), while my friend had a sublime oyster souffle. With a bottle of wine and a cocktail or two, the total was about $200 for two--and well worth it.

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      torta basilica

      Rosemary's - way way off the Strip towards the Regent, so oh so worth it. Definitely knowledgeable locals only.

    2. We had a fantastic dinner at Prime at the Bellagio. it is a high-end steak house that is right along the dancing water display, so if you go, make sure you get a window seat. The steaks were great but the sides were much more inspired than your average creamed spinach and potatoes. The service was outstanding and the decor is beautifully understated, not your average manly kind of steak house, wagon wheel stuff.

      You should check out the Southwest board, they've been very helpful to me in the past but be patient because it's not that active.

      1. I concur with Muhlyssa's recommendation of Prime. I would also recommend Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris. Quite a bit lower in cost than Prime, and obviously not the same type of dining experience, but excellent steak frites, a good selection of wine by the glass, and patio dining right across the street from the Bellagio fountains. Going back up (way back up) in price, I also like Andre's at the Monte Carlo. Excellent rack of lamb, sauteed fois gras, enormous wine list.

        1. Joe -- I still don't know how to attach a link, but you can look this up. Several people on this board have waxed eloquently about a favorite chef, Saipin Chutima, who used to cook in L.A., and is now in Vegas at Lotus of Siam. (Intending to visit next time I'm in Vegas). Good luck.

          1. I also had an excellent meal at PRIME. If you can get seated by the lake, it is a great experience. And for pure romance, you can't beat The Swan Room at AUREOLE in Mandalay Bay. It has a price fix menu at around 75 dollars, is very good food, and is totally romantic. A lovely room set by a small lake with swans.

            1. Do not go to Delmonico's. Steaks are excellent, but goes down hill quickly from there.

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                I'd have to disagree with you. Our appetizer was great, I went there a little over a week ago, my dining companion had a steak, but I did not. Both meals were excellent as was the service.

                Staff went out of their way to be helpful.

                I'd definitely go there again.

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                  Amazing steaks. Great gumbo. Terrific wine list. Bread pudding. Homemade worstershire sauce. What more could you ask of a steak restaurant? Delmonico's in Las Vegas is my favorite of Lagasse's restaurants hands down.

              2. For steaks, you should also consider Charlie Palmer's Steaks in the Four Seasons (part of the Mandalay Bay).

                The steaks are great and reasonably priced and the ambience is very cozy and romantic.

                I was disappointed in Aureole and posted a long account of my meal at Swan Court last spring, which you can search for and read if you like.

                1. I think Drai's at the Barbary Coast meets your needs. Great food,romantic, good looking crowd & you probably wouldn't get to the Barbary Coast for any other reason except 10x odds on craps!

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                    I second Drai's. You'd never know from the looks of the Barbary Coast that such a jewel lurks beneath. Very romantic setting, especially the library (sort of the candle lit, live music, drink before dinner lounge). We enjoyed drinks before dinner in the library so much, we asked if we could have dessert in the library after dinner as well. Food was great, service was also terrific. Enjoy!