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Feb 6, 2008 07:02 AM

Boneless Boston Rolled Beef Roast

I found a great buy, $1.39 a pound boneless boston rolled beef roast, and couldn't pass it up. Unfortunately I have never purchased one of these before and the internet is not giving up any information on this cut of meat.
Has anyone ever prepared one of these roasts? Can I roast it as I would any roast? Is it tender enough to serve rare?
Any advise or recipes would be greatly appreciated!

Rockford Chow

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  1. I found a recipe and the roast was wonderful! It can be served rare! Hope they still have them on sale.

    Rockford Chowhound

    1. In the Chicago area some years ago Rolled Boston (or sometimes Newport) was a market name for this cut, NAMPA #114E shoulder clod, arm roast, tied up with extra beef fat on top. it makes an excellent rare roast beef. Whether because of boxed beef, or distaste at the open use of extra beef fat, or the decline of home cooked roast beef I don't know, but it has almost disappeared. The market name was not very widespread as far as I know.

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        I'm from Chicago area and I just bought a Rolled Boston over at Super Tony's in Berwyn, IL. It hasn't quite disappeared on the market here in Chicago. Just prepared last night and the meat is so tender. I give this two thumbs up. I'm sure the extra fat gives that extra flavor you will not find anywhere else.