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Feb 6, 2008 06:57 AM

Best Cupcakes in Tri-state area

I just discovered Crumbs Bakery in Manhattan- - nothing but big cream filled cupcakes - also discovered they deliver daily to the Ryebrook Deli in Westchester. Is there any place better?

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  1. I actually don't like the cupcakes at Crumbs at all. I prefer Billy's or Amy's.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Totally agree. Now craving Amy's cupcakes.

    2. I went to a bridal shower and they had these really good cupcakes from this custom bakery called Lux Sugar. I had the best red velvet cupcake E-V-E-R! I am ordering their assorted cupcakes for my boyfriends birthday next month so I will keep you posted.

      , Brooklyn, NY

      1. I don't like Crumbs, or Billy's, or Magnolia's. Sugar Sweet Sunshine has a good spice and coconut cupcake. I feel Batch on 10th st. has the best chocolate cupcake in the city. Their strawberry coconut is really good too.

        1. i just wanted to leave a comment on how much i detest Buttercup Bakery cupcakes. they're dry and the icing tastes like sand. hate it.

          1. Ive been to most that have been mentioned here and one that ranks high in NJ is the Bent Spoon in Princeton. My wife, the expert in cupcakes says if the icing from Bent Spoon could be combined with the cake from Magnolia we'd have the perfect cupcake.