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Best Cupcakes in Tri-state area

I just discovered Crumbs Bakery in Manhattan- http://www.crumbsbakeshop.com/ - nothing but big cream filled cupcakes - also discovered they deliver daily to the Ryebrook Deli in Westchester. Is there any place better?

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  1. I actually don't like the cupcakes at Crumbs at all. I prefer Billy's or Amy's.

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      Totally agree. Now craving Amy's cupcakes.

    2. I went to a bridal shower and they had these really good cupcakes from this custom bakery called Lux Sugar. I had the best red velvet cupcake E-V-E-R! I am ordering their assorted cupcakes for my boyfriends birthday next month so I will keep you posted.

      , Brooklyn, NY

      1. I don't like Crumbs, or Billy's, or Magnolia's. Sugar Sweet Sunshine has a good spice and coconut cupcake. I feel Batch on 10th st. has the best chocolate cupcake in the city. Their strawberry coconut is really good too.

        1. i just wanted to leave a comment on how much i detest Buttercup Bakery cupcakes. they're dry and the icing tastes like sand. hate it.

          1. Ive been to most that have been mentioned here and one that ranks high in NJ is the Bent Spoon in Princeton. My wife, the expert in cupcakes says if the icing from Bent Spoon could be combined with the cake from Magnolia we'd have the perfect cupcake.

            1. You know, you'd think it wouldn't be that difficult to make a phenomenal cupcake - don't overcook the cake, put some good icing on it. Batch sucks - the cake is too dense and the flavors aren't as good as they sound. Magnolia's icing could rot my teeth in one bite. Citarella's on 6th and 9th actually has terrific cupcakes if you like buttercream icing. I don't care for Crumbs at all - I don't think their cupcakes have any flavor. Two Little Red Hens in Brooklyn used to have outrageous cupcakes, but I think they're under new ownership - the cupcakes are dry and flavorless.

              1. Tate's Coconut Cupcake (Southampton) Hands down THE BEST. Comes in an individual box and it's like you are opening a gift from god!!!! Best three bucks you'll ever spend!

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                  That cupcake is amazing - I agree!

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                    We gave them as takeaways at my sister's baby shower and people went nuts. Regretfully, I did not get one ;(

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                    jenniebnyc - you couldn't BE more RIGHT! Indeed the Coconut cupake from Tate's bakery in Southampton NY is like a gift from God. No joke. Their other cuppies are okay - but the coconut one is really unmatched anywhere (and I've eaten/looked). I would KILL someone for the recipe. Smart woman didn't put it in her cookbook that came out last year. I made it: not the same. Sigh. I guess she knows a good thing when she tastes it.

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                      call Kathleen at Tate's. she is always there and very friendly. she might just give you the recipe!

                  3. I've only tried the Manhattan shops (Crumbs, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Magnolia's, Billy's, Amy's, Buttercup, Cupcake Shop). Sugar Sweet Sunshine is the best hands down for me. Amy's red velvet is also to die for.

                    1. Patisserie Lulu in Scarsdale. The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache are phenomenal, and their yellow cupcakes are topped by the best buttercream I've ever had anywhere.

                      1. Try Perfect Endings Bakery in Armonk - the best by far!

                        1. The Petite Cafe - Nutley NJ - Home of the Stuffed Cupcake

                          Try one of the 100+ flavors - PURE GENIUS - This is by far the BEST in NJ!

                          Petite Cafe
                          231 Franklin Ave Ste A, Nutley, NJ 07110

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                            Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford is excellent too!

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                              Sweet Avenue Bake Shop definitely gets my vote, for sure :)

                          2. My vote goes to Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

                            1. Crumbs is now open Westfield NJ - could not find parking at lunch. It is on the list.

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                                Another thumbs down for Crumbs from me - completely overpriced mediocrity,

                                My favorite is the Cupcake Cafe in NYC,


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                                  Found parking yesterday in Westfield and I was able to try Crumbs. Tried a traditional cupcake with chocolate icing (the small size) it was ok. Also tried one of the JUMBO cupcakes - Elvis - with peanut butter chips, banana cream, and icing. Very good. There are lots of other flavors to try.

                                  The Petite Cafe - Stuffed Cupcakes still has my vote for the best cupcakes I have ever tasted.

                                2. Sweet Revenge- crimson and cream
                                  Batch- chocolate devils food, vanilla, coconut strawberry
                                  Amy's- red velvet
                                  Eleni's- Peanut butter Cup

                                  1. Has anyone tried the cupcakes at the Dixie Lee Bakery 303 Main Street Keansburg NJ?

                                    I was talking to some locals down in the Highlands who like the bake goods here better than The Flaky Tart?!?

                                    They said it has been there forever. Cupcakes are just 50 cents?

                                    I have this place on my list.

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                                      Stopped in at the Dixie Lee Bakery today. The cake of the cupcake was very good did not love the icing. Yes 50 cents each. But my vote still goes to the Stuffed Cupcake in Nutley. Those are so moist and wonderful - gotta take another road trip up there or to Stickles Market, they carry the Stuffed Cupcakes - closer to us here in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.

                                    2. I had the Cocoa Velvet cupcake(red velvet without the food dye) from Made With Love Organic Bakery and Cafe in Jersey City, and i don't think I can ever eat another cupcake. Its worth the PATH ride to Jersey.

                                      Made With Love Organic Bakery and Cafe
                                      530 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

                                      1. Had the most amazing melt in your mouth Mini Cheese Cupcakes from The Gingerbread House 1094 Lakewood Ave Lakewood NJ today. A perfect bite.

                                        They get their bake goods from Schick's Bakery in Brooklyn.

                                        Definitely Worth a try.

                                        1. Really enjoyed the Snowball Cupcake from Brownie Points Bakery in Summit NJ. This was a chocolate cupcake with pink coconut icing.

                                          This is right by the train station in Summit
                                          They have lots of 15 minutes meters so parking is easy
                                          3 Beechwood Rd
                                          Summit, NJ 07901
                                          (908) 464-2253

                                          (Brownie sandwiches were very good too!)

                                          1. Can't believe the best cupcake in the universe is not mentioned here. I have tried all the others! The one cupcake you must eat before you die is: Red Velvet from Chikalicious Dessert Club. (The newer place across the street from the Dessert Bar.)

                                            1. I had the best cupcake today!!

                                              It was from the Petite Cafe in Nutley NJ.

                                              They named this cupcake THE BOSS for Bruce Springsteen
                                              Blueberry cupcake - stuffed with Acai Cream - Vanilla Icing - AMAZING!

                                              All of their cupcakes Rock!

                                              If you live in Central NJ you can pick this up from Sickles Market Little Silver NJ!