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Feb 6, 2008 06:39 AM

What will I find in Campo de Fiori in July?

I'm staying in a small apartment near here and I just can't wait to visit the market. What kinds of fruit and produce should be available in early July?? I keep imaging an early morning stroll to the sqaure, getting a cappucino and cornetto at Forno, and filling my goodie basket with fragolini (might be too late for them?) peaches, and zucchini flowers.

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  1. This is what I wrote in my blog last June 17. Things would not have changed much by early July:

    The long and labor-intensive summer season is well underway. For the next three months we’ll be eating zucchine romanesche, local casilino tomatoes, fagiolini till they come out our ears, huge red and yellow sweet peppers, fresh shelled borlotti beans, and plenty of eggplant. Fagioli al corallo are around too, very yummy stewed with just the right tomatoes. Also friggitelli, small sweet green peppers to be cooked in a pan with or without tomatoes.

    In fruit, strawberries are lingering but have long-since peaked. There are plenty of melons, but the best are still the ones from Pachino, in Sicily. Peaches are around, but we haven’t started buying them yet. Nespole are lingering. Apricots are strong. Cherries are in full swing. Many kinds of plum have appeared.

    And finally there are figs. Squishy, sweet green figs to eat with prosciutto and pizza bianca. Pizza con prosciutto e fichi: nature’s perfect food.

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      That sounds heavenly-What are Nespole?

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        Nespole are medlars or a kind of loquat. You can see the trees around the city in early summer. They're about the first local fruit, apricot-size but more orange.