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Feb 6, 2008 06:32 AM

Dinner near Dunkin Donuts Center in Prov Sat

Going to Dancing with the Stars at the Dunk on Saturday night. Looking for some fine dining choices nearby. We like Italian, Mexican, Seafood, American...just about everything except Indian.

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  1. Two more things to consider... 1. Love it if the restaurant was fairly quiet. My pet peeve is loud restaurants where you have to shout to be heard by your DC. 2. We won't be able to go too far from the Dunk since the show starts at 7:30p and we're not really early eaters... Thanks again!

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    1. re: chowmensch

      I'd say definitely Gracie's. I guess it'd be considered eclectic/New American? Easy walking distance. Quiet.

      1. re: chowmensch

        Or Italian, Raphael's Bar Risto at Union station right next door to the Dunk:

        1. re: Sean

          I happen to be a fan of Raphael, even though I haven't been in over a year. It was a hip spot about 5 yrs ago and for some reason fell out of favor. Last time I ate there though, the food was as good as ever, and sadly the place was pretty empty. I don't get it.

        2. re: chowmensch

          Shula's is right at the hilton next to the Dunk. Great steaks and great atmosphere. Quiet too.

          1. re: starmoon

            Camilles or mediterraneo on Federal hill within walking distance of "dunk"

            1. re: Ichewonthis

              I love Camilles....although I'm still partial to the "old" Camilles. The food is always great though. Sometimes I find Mediterraneo a little too "trendy", although I must admit I have never had a bad meal there.

        3. Gracie's is by far the best restaurant near the dunk. Still, there are other places to consider such as Fleming's at the Westin, and for something more casual, try Bravo in front of Trinity Rep.

          1. No mention of Local 121??
            Certainly worth being on the list.

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            1. re: Do Kwan

              Local 121, while a beautiful space, does not live up to it foodwise or servicewise.

              I have never had a good meal there and it recieves mixed reviews on this board and others...

              1. re: basachs

                "Mixed" reviews is being more than generous.

                1. re: invinotheresverde

                  Well I could write about the time I was served raw rabbit. Or the fact of the 4 times I have been there the service was dismal, items were ordered and never brought but charged for, drinks were sloppily made....

                  And top it off with regaling how when a member of our party spoke to Josh, the owner, about it he just smiled nervously and walked away with nary a word.

                  Mixed seems more even keeled. :)

                  1. re: basachs

                    That sounds more like it. :)

                    Really, I hate to completely trash a place, but I think my biggest problem with Local 121 is that I really want to like it. It's less than a mile from my house, has a gorgeous bar (but still has tvs for me to watch the C's), and a creative drink list. What's not to like, right? Oh yeah, there's the food.

                    1. re: invinotheresverde

                      I think part of the problem with the service is that since 121 is so closely associated w/ AS220, they have a TON of AS220-types working there, from manager to waitstaff. They are lovely people, but more along the lines of casual-vegetarian-cafe, not upscale dining. A little lax, in my opinion.

                      That's a terrible story about Josh though. He should know better.

                      Still, it's one of my favorite places to hit for a cocktail. Beautiful bar, yummy drinks.

                      1. re: dagwood

                        Yeah, we all really wanted to love that place. And Josh is a good guy. I did, however, hear recently that the smelts were delicious.

                        1. re: ccferg

                          I think the food at AS220 is vastly superior than 121. AS220 offers a short menu and the space does not pretend to Uber-dom while achieving it. Unfortunately at Local 121, each dish does not add to sum of its organic parts. Yes, it is a nice space. Yes, the bar is hoppin'. Yes, there are some artsy types (and wanna be's). And yes, the food is, unfortunately, forgettable.