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Feb 6, 2008 06:23 AM

Cupcake Tower-Pyramid Help?

hi all

i would love to make a cupcake tower type thing for my little ones birthday next week. do you have any tips or tricks for me? it SEEMS pretty easy, right.....? thanks!

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  1. I don't know if you're looking for cupcake help or tower help. I bought a cupcake stand at Target a couple of years ago. It makes a cute display once all the cupcakes are in.

    1. I also have a cupcake stand/tree that I use to display for occasions like birthdays, etc. But if you're only interested in a tower as a one time thing I would suggest stacking cake stands (maybe two or three... largest on the bottom and smallest on the top) and you can just arrange your cupcakes to create a pretty tower. I've also seen nice cupcake topiaries done with large floral foam cones and mini cupcakes stuck on using toothpicks. But that might be for a more formal or adult occasion (I saw it done at a shower).

      1. I always loved the look of this one, even though i know it drew some criticism from the mag for having just looks so fun to me.

        I've made a couple of adult cupcake towers and both times the silver cake discs and some kind of divider were used (usually pretty cheap..even used dollar store plastic champagne glasses for one)

        1. Years ago at a garage sale I bought 3 matching glass cake plates 12", 9 ", and 6" (approximate sizes) that can be stacked to do cupcake towers or dessert displays etc. I think I paid $15 for the whole thing. One of the best purchases! Use it all the time for entertaining - suggest you do the same.

          1. I have successfully used cake stand tutorial:


            It really simple and it works!