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Feb 6, 2008 06:17 AM

Restaurant L'Angolo

I'll be dining on Friday at Restaurant L'Angolo on Porter St. in South Philly.
Any comments or recommendations? My friend raves about it but it is new turf for me.

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  1. Haven't been back in a while but loved it each time I have gone. Atmosphere is small and bustling and a lot of fun. I have had excellent homemade pasta apps including ravioli's and gnocci to die for but what I remember most is having probably THE best grilled veal chop I have ever had there. Huge but tender and moist and perfectly cooked. I think you'll very much enjoy yourself chef.

    FWIW I just dined at their sister restaurant, Salento, for RW and had an excellent 4 course meal. Food seemed somewhat more creative and upscale than at L'Angolo (which I would call more straight ahead and rustic) but both are excellent in their own ways.

    1. I agree that L'Angolo is one of my favorite restaurants in Philly. The Calamari is awesome, Veal Marsala amazing, and the veal chop, just to compare, recently had veal chop at Branzino, bland and small, the one I had at L'Angolo blew it away. And don't forget the Marscopone Cheesecake. This is a great restaurant!

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        Thanks to all. I was really pleased and I guess I prefer the "straight ahead and rustic": fresh, cooked to perfection, lots of lemon, olive oil, herbs. My kind of fare. And, yes, for a non-cheesecake eater, their marscopone pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust and caramel glaze was superb.

      2. My wife and I ate there saturday night, real Italian food, old school atmosphere and the food is as if you are at your grandmothers on sunday afternoon. Food and service was wonderful!

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          Wow! Four and a half years since that initial post. I've been five times since and have loved every experience.