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Feb 6, 2008 05:11 AM

Dining in Atlantic Highlands?

I'm heading to Atlantic Highlands tonight. Any new or interesting places to dine?


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  1. Copper Canyon.
    The best around the area

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    1. re: NJDolfan

      Copper Canyon is fine some nights, not so much on other nights. Depending upon who is in the kitchen, the fish tacos can be sublime or so overseasoned as to be inedible. Same goes for several other dishes, including the much-touted steak. I have gone there since its' earliest days and the attitude has changed from a warm, welcoming place to one of those places frequented by what I like to call "high-maintenance Rumson gals" - if you're a local, you might not get treated so well.
      I know I have spoken about Bella's elsewhere on this board, and I swear I am not on the payroll - but I will say that the food is always excellent, the bartenders pour a really fine cocktail and they are working very hard to address service concerns. It is warm and fun, and I always feel welcome.

      Just my 2 cents...

      1. re: radiogrl1

        My favorite in AH was Indigo Moon but regrettably it has closed. If I had to choose a second I would go with the Canyon as NJDolfan has recommended. The few times I've dined there I've not experienced the inconsistencies that radiogrl1 speaks of. I would however have to disagree with her recommendation of Bella's. The one and only time I ate there, the food was pretty bad and I vowed never to return. Subsequent posts by other hounds attest to the food being inconsistent depending upon who is in the kitchen.

        1. re: bgut1

          I'm in Bellas about twice a week. It has become the family's fallback kitchen when I don't feel like cooking. I agree that in the past, there were inconsistencies, but as far as I am concerned, they have been pretty much ironed out...I love the seared salmon with potato pancake and cucmber tangle - a little spicy and a great counterpoint to the richness of the fish...the steak au poivre never disappoints me, and they understand the nuances of medium-RARE...I also love the beet carpaccio salad and the tuna tartare (when it is on the menu) is outstanding. And again, they pour a lovely cocktail.
          At this point, the only time I go to Copper Canyon is when I crave their crab cake, but I've been able to replicate it at home, so those times are fewer and farther between.

          1. re: radiogrl1

            And will we share the recipe for crab cakes??