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Feb 6, 2008 04:39 AM

Seeking birthday restaurant in Westport, Fairfield or Norwalk

I am going out with my wife, brother, his wife and my parents on my birthday on Friday, February 15th. As of now, we have a reservation at the Dressing Room. We love the Dressing Room and its warm, updated country setting as well as the tasty food and wine. The problem is that we have dined there in the past many times. Others on the "we love it" but "been there" list are Paci in Southport and Pane Vino in Westport.

So, I ask you Chow Hounds for some advice. Can you suggest a wonderful restaurant that my family can enjoy a birthday celebration for me? It would be great if we could be introduced to a diamond in the rough that we have either not tried or not heard of!



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  1. how about Barcelona in Norwalk

    1. A special occasion place for our family is St Tropez in Fairfield. If you're headed to Norwalk, Miegas (formerly Meson Galicia) is superb for its Spanish cuisine (we actually go to the sister restaurant - Ibiza in New Haven).

      1. Have you tried Osianna in Fairfield? Exellent food (mediterranean), nice atmosphere.

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          I have thought of Osianna, but I have heard the restaurant is quite loud. Is this true? It is true of their sister restaurant Quattro Pazi. QP is rather good food, but it is quite loud.

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            I never heard they were sister restaurants - thanks for the info. I did not find Osianna too loud, but agree that QP is.

        2. I love Osianna as well. I also love Quattro Pazzi in Norwalk ( on the golf course (especially in the summer onthe porch) Also, for special occasion, The Dressing Room in Westport, which is what you already spoke of. Seriously, though, check the Tristate Board for recommendations in Fairfield County.

          1. Just my two cents.
            I would go to Liana's Trattoria in Fairfield. Let her know it's a birthday and you'll be sure to have a wonderful experience. Attentive service from her two waiters Alex and Carlos and great food.
            Also an interesting wine (all Italian) list with many excellent wines from small producers. Though not cheap. they are a great value compared to many overpriced mediocre wines found in many restaurants.

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              what's the atmosphere like at Liana's? I know it's small, but are the tables cramped?