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Oct 28, 2001 03:14 PM

Another where-to-find query...

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You guys are awesome - I had my Scotch egg and there was much rejoicing (insert Monty Python-type rejoicing here).

Now my quest, as a good and loyal son of the East, is to find Taylor ham. It is kind of a drier ham, but not what would be considered pork roll. It's very salty but it's not thick-sliced prosciutto, it's not Canadian bacon, and it's not salame of any sort.

It goes GREAT on fried-egg-and-cheese sandwiches on hard rolls (another hard-to-find commodity out here). But I can't find it! I will be importing some when I go back to Perth Amboy in three weeks but I would like to find a local source for it.


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  1. Which place did you end up getting the scotch egg from?

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    1. re: Muhlyssa

      Ye Olde Kinge's Heade... theire penchante fore puttinge extrae "e"se one theire wordse ise quite annoyinge... but the scotch egg was yummy.


    2. This link may take care of your Tayor itch when you can't get back home to Perth Amboy to scratch it in person.