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Good Eats near U of Penn Hospital

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I'm taking my dad to the U of P Hospital on Monday and would like to know if anyone has any tips for me on a good lunch spot.

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  1. Pod is good and very close by. They have bento box lunch specials that are good and pretty decent sushi.

    1. The White Dog on Sansom -- choose from either the bar or restaurant.

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        Here's 2 for Pod

      2. We like the lunch at Nan, 40th and Chestnut. Street (meters) parking is available.
        Love their pad thai and their crabcake.
        Some places are closed on Mondays; it might be wise to check.

        1. If you're not looking for a sit-down place, I recommend one of the many trucks on campus.

          Don Nemo (sp) burritos, tacos, & tortas - 38th & Sansom
          Magic Carpet, Vegetarian fare - 36th & Spruce
          Crepe truck on Spruce btw 36th & 37th

          Sit-down -

          Try Lemongrass at 36th & Lancaster. 3 courses for under $10. Service can be a little rushed.