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need recco for someplace "new" to try in CT/westchester with new friends

Ok all,

put your thinking hats on - we are going out to dinner Saturday eve with some new friends and wanted to try someplace new (well, new to us anyway). I know it is last minute so it will be hard to get ressies at a good time - I already went for our favorites but wanted somethng new an different to try. anything you can suggest? I know it is rather late to get a good time slot but even if I have something for the next go around that would be great.

JFood, Adamclyde - I KNOW you have some great ideas - any new places on your radars????


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  1. Karen, have you been to Zitoune in Mamaroneck?

    They don't show on opentable.com but they might have a reservation available.

    The only other place that is on the list that looks good is Espana, the new tapas place in Larchmont.

    1. K

      New and different strikes jfood as Duo in stamford. He was there two weeks ago and posted his review. Food is both beautifully presented and very well prepared. Service is very attentive but difficult to understand (language barrier). The other place that jfood has become enamored with recently is Thali in New Canaan, and with new friends it gives an opportunity to eat "family" style (no double dipping please) and taste lots of great dishes. More downscale in price point but a lot of fun with new friends is Barcelona (jfood likes the SONO location). Ask for a table in the back room with the wine fridge, very energetic and good food. Seafood, you may want to give Rowayton Seafood a shout. Jfood thinks they only reserve a percentage of the tables, leaving others for walk-ins. Another one on Jfood's current Gotta Try List is Wasabi Chi in SONO. Definitely think you can get a ressie there. Someone posted that the manager and chef at Emily Shaws (formerly Inn at Pound Ridge) changed a few weeks ago and that is went for DNR to gotta try. Can't give any input since jfood thought the previous owner/chef were outstanding and it hurts every time he drives by one of his old faithfuls and remembers the good times.

      Hope this helps and good luck, jfood off the resto circuit this weekend for some private get-togethers.

      1. We recently ate for the first time at Stoneleigh Creek in Armonk. It's not exactly new, has been around for a while in Croton Falls, then moved some months ago to Armonk (and has already been reviewed in the Times,) but it was new to us. Food was good, service decent, noise level allowed conversation -- have no idea how difficult a Sat. nite reservation would be.

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          thanks for the tips so far- I had a ressie at Duo already and am now thinking that might be a good one as I doubt the other couple wants to head to SONO or beyond but I am now want to try some of the above - yum, yum......


        2. You might try Peniche, a (relatively) new tapas place in downtown White Plains near the new Ritz Carlton. It's a lot of fun-- lively atmosphere, sophisticated decor and good food. Google it.

          1. Try Osianna in Fairfield.

            Osianna Mediterranean Taverna
            70 Reef Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

            1. There's a great "sleeper" in Norwalk, never seems to be TOO busy, and almost NEVER gets mentioned on this board, perhaps overshadowed by some other favorite Italian places (Columbus Park, Pasta Nostra, etc.).

              It's called Pasquale's Osteria. The food and service are really great. It can be a bit pricey, but you get your $'s worth.

              Pasquale's Osteria
              186 Main St, Norwalk, CT 06851

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                Jfood passes thisplace all the time and always wondered about it. Have you tried it and what are some of the good dishes?

                Another "sleeper" is Mikes. If you continue on main towards route 1 and go past route 1 it is on the left, across from Ryans. The address is 50 Main St. in Norwalk. A little place with a mom/pop ownership. Also a little pricey, but jfood went for lunch a few months ago and felt it was a nice old fashioned red sauce.

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                  New in Bronxville is Sammy's Downtown, brother to Rosie's Italian Bistro. We haven't eaten there yet, but Rosie's is a favorite.

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                    It's been a year or so...great calamari app., Chicken Francese and Veal Marsala. Their specials can be excellent too, I seem to remember my wife ordering a stuffed veal chop. Really good red sauce...I believe all entrees come with a side of pasta. You can ask your server what he would recommend. Save room for the tiramisu.

                    The service is outstanding, very old-school with PROS who take pride in their work.