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Feb 6, 2008 02:25 AM

Can I do this? (Short Ribs)

I have always prepared short ribs, by making "The best barbecue sauce ever" (from the Silver Palate cookbook) and smearing that all over the ribs. I then put the ribs in a baking pan, in the oven at 350 degrees. Done, and delicious.
Now, I have the sauce, and I have the ribs, and I've been wondering if I can make them in my dutch oven and use the sauce as a braise? Would it be too thick? Should I brown the ribs first? Should the sauce cover the ribs, or just come halfway up? Do I lower the heat for a braise?
I have never braised meat (as far as I know!!) so I need some assistance. Any suggestions/thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. Oooh...I don't think that barbeque sauces are meant or made for braising. For me, it's a sauce that's applied at the very end of the cooking, (grilling mostly), and it's usually fairly sweet so any long-time cooking would burn it. Then, again, braising is at a low temp so it might work but I might thin the sauce out a bit and I would definitely brown the ribs before braising, no matter what sauce you braise them in.

    1. I would definitely sear the meat - maybe cut into smaller pieces first. I think you could still use the sauce, but thin it out with some water, stock or wine so that you have more cooking liquid, at least enough to cover most of the meat. The liquid will reduce, especially if you leave the cover off at the end of cooking time.

      1. Follow normal braising techniques and I don't see why you couldn't dilute a BBQ sauce to use as a braising liquid. If you allow for some evaporation while cooking it would thicken as it cooks. You could always add more sauce to the finished meat at service.

        1. Thank you all so much. I decided to prepare this batch of ribs in my usual way, since I had already prepared the sauce. I definitely do plan to try a braise the next time I make them. I guess I'll try Molly Steven's short ribs braised in porter ale, since that recipe has gotten so many positive reviews on this board.
          Thanks again, though, for the help and suggestions.