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hatfield's or lucques?

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taking out of towners to a nice dinner. which is more delicious? should comme ca even be considered in the same league?

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  1. I have no answer for you, but the croque madame from hatfields is insane. I also really dig their lamb (if they still have it). Their cucumber mint gimlet is also good.

    1. All three are good choices, but I'd base the decision on the atmosphere you're looking for:

      I find Hatfield's intimacy to be best suited to couples, or a very small, quiet group.

      Luques you know has great food and is better for larger parties than Hatfields, but still upscale, classy and relatively quiet.

      The food at Comme Ca may not be quite up to the other two, but it's still damn good and the environment is much more festive, louder, a little younger, slightly more casual but still upscale.

      So it really depends who's dining and what kind of vibe you're after.

      1. i concur regarding the consideration of mood and atmosphere.

        food wise, can i throw hungry cat into the mix?

        1. i prefer hatfield's over luques, but it is definitely a smaller, more quiet setting. i found the food at comme ca mediocre at best. way too salty, service was so so, and i thought the noise level was way too high.

          1. Hatfield's is more delicious. Lucques' food is very good, but Hatfield's is outstanding. Haven't been to Comme Ca, but the reviews haven't been consistently positive.

            1. I've had three meals at Hatfield's. Two were excellent. One was not. It is well worth a visit, but for out of towners, I'd go with Lucques. I am a fanatic for Lucques, so you can take that into consideration. But although Lucques has a smaller menu compared to other restaurants, there are still more choices than Hatfield's, whose menu is extremely small. And the service is simply better at Lucques.

              1. A superb situation to be in. Both are wonderful, just a bit different in the setting, with Hatfield's being housed in a smallish white-walled building with one modest-sized dining room and a couple of small patio areas, one in front and one alongside.
                www.hatfieldsrestaurant.com for a view of the menu although I never know for sure how current it is.
                Lucques is housed in a larger building with brick walls, a fireplace, a nice full bar albeit smallish, and done in nice taupe color scheme, and a good sized patio out in back. www.lucques.com for menu info, again not sure how current, yet indicative of the types of food recently available.
                Enjoy either one as I do.
                Good wines available in both.

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                  Lucques has excellent food and a great atmosphere for small or large parties. I would go there over Comme Ca- definitely. The atmosphere at Comme Ca seems to be, at least to me, more about the scene than the food. The food is good but not as good as Lucques. I've never been to Hatfields, so can't comment on that.