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Feb 5, 2008 09:10 PM

hatfield's or lucques?

was at lucque's when it first opened, but never to hatfield's. taking some out of towners to dinner. which is more delicious? should comme ca even be considered in the same league?

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  1. Tripped across your question via a google search and couldn't resist. Comme Ca is an urban joke of mass media proportions. Food, service and ambience rank below the worst Vegas impersonation of a bistro. Pathetic, like much of LA when it comes to food. But Hatfield's and Lucques both offer superior grub, just different. And if you need to buy wine off the list, Hatfield's markup is much fairer. Pay corkage at L. Hope you enjoyed, wherever you ended up.

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      Preferred Hatfield's over Lucques. Hatfield's is more refined, a quieter space, more elegant food. Lucques is more happening, but the food and service is a bit slapdash.

      1. re: NAspy

        I like both. Lucques is a step up in food most of the time. Hatfield;s is better when it is on, but not as even. I like the room better at Lucques, and although more expensiver Lucques has a better wine list.

    2. surprised to see this turn up after a year! have been to all of them since the op. i vote fpr lucques. maybe it was an off-night at hatfield's, but i just didn't get it. nothing was that good....let alone great, and the room and tude didn't do much for me. about 2/3 of the food we had at lucques (for a party of 8) was very good or great. and the room was much more to my taste....especially the patio on a sultry evening. i don't think comme ca is quite as awful as lotuseater suggests. i don't care for the ambience or vibe, but have had some pretty good food there. as mentioned, it is certainly not in the same league as the other two.

      1. I would say Lucques since it has a nicer vibe/ambiance for a group. Hatfields is smaller and more date spot-ish.