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Feb 5, 2008 08:48 PM

Ford's Filling Station - to go or not to go?

I've heard such mixed reviews on this place... should I give it a try or is it really not worth the time and money?

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  1. IMO, some of the negative reviews came from people with exceedingly high expectations of the place. My expectations were that it would be a decent gastropub, like I have found in London before. And it lived up to those expectations. The food was not a revelation, but it was good. I remember the flatbread being tasty, I liked their salumi platter, and the pear tart that we had for dessert was really good.

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      I was there in Nov. It was fine at best. My burger was kind of dry. I am sure there are better choices.

    2. We've been there several times -- the desserts are very good, the vibe is great, the service is so casual it's almost inadvertant, and the food is bland and overpriced. the exception is the burger where the blue cheese is so overpowering it's almost impossible to eat.

      I actuallyprefer Tender Greens which is better than half the price for better food. Fraiche is a much better choice, as is Wilson -- both are similar to Ford's in their food and clientele objectives.

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        here we go with the mixed reviews again to confuse the OP even more. we ended up at FFS after getting very rude treatment at fraiche. we were with an 86 yr old and when we made the 6pm reservation for 5 we asked to be seated inside but when we got there we were seated on the covered patio next to the door. they refused to move us to what was a restaurant only 1/4 filled at best so we stomped out and searched for an impromptu restaurant that would take us and that was FFS.
        The food there is casual upscale pub style food. burgers, chicken, fries. don't expect a culinary revelation and the prices aren't as low as they should be, but they seem to use nice ingredients. only if the prices were a teeny weeny bit lower i think this place would be a great restaurant.

        tender greens is good but it's order up at the counter so if you're looking for service there won't be any. i also hope they dealt with the portions issue. the last time i went they gave me supermodel portions. i hear the food at fraiche is wonderful but the people who work there seem to think they're above it all.

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          my last paragraph got cut off for some reason. but what i said was that FFS is not a destination by any means. but if you're in the area it's a nice casual place to go. they have good wines by the glass as well.

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            I've only been once in late 2006 or early 2007...can't remember. But, I really enjoyed it. The food was pretty solid. Our server was extremely helpful. I say give it a try.

            I had Tender Green a few days ago. The online ordering is FANTASTIC! The food is simple, but good. I think the portions are a good size... well the salads and hot plates. Now, the veggie side, not so much. I liked the food at Fraice. I didn't have a problem with the hostess or wait staff when I went. I had to wait an hour. But, I walked in without a reservation during a summer weekend night. So, I didn't mind. However, I don't understand seating people outside when the dining room is empty.

        2. I think it's absolutely worth trying. Great drinks and beer/wine selection, and not ALL of the food is stellar but some of it certainly is (like the fantastic polenta dish). Good atmosphere and service too.

          1. I would also say give it a try and judge for yourself. I actually really like it. The scene is really fun, and the music is great. The flatbreads are really tasty, as are some of the sandwiches. I do think I go more for the fun atmosphere than the food - it is really relaxed.

            While the wine list is interesting, the reds are always served too warm. I either order white by the glass, or red by the bottle and ask for an ice bucket. This seems to be a problem all over Culver City - I don't know why they like warm red wine there.

            1. I always think that some place is worth trying once. We tried it once and that was enough for us.