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Feb 5, 2008 08:12 PM

regional mexican cuisine TV episode? help!

Ok--am I losing my mind? Recently, I watched an episode of what I thought was Anthony Bourdain (either Cook's Tour or No Reservations) where he visited some different regions of Mexico, mostly coastal, including Veracruz. I really thought I had recorded it, but now I can't find it, on my DVR or online. Did anyone see that? Know the name? Where can I find it? Could it have been someone besides Bourdain? Help!

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  1. you might be thinking of 'Planet Food.' i've seen it over the years on the travel channel and food network. the mexico episode wasn't bourdain, but tyler florence. it's actually one of the most interesting food shows i've seen and really goes out of it's way to show the best and most authentic dishes/techniques of that particular country. hope this helps.

    Episode nine
    Tyler got away from the common notions of Americanised Mexican food and looked for the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine. He started his journey in Mexico City where he explored vibrant markets and discovered just how hot chillies can get. A quick sip of tequila took him to the heartland of Oaxaca where he found out how tequila's sister drink, mescal, is made.
    Tyler sampled some excellent chocolate, another favourite of Mexico. In the beautiful city of Puebla he learnt how to prepare the national dish, Mole, which is turkey with chocolate sauce, originally invented by a local nun, by accident. His journey ended on the east coast where Mexican flavours blend with the Caribbean Sea. Try these recipes for Mexican-style Hot chocolate, Refried beans, Real guacamole and read more about chillies.

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      Yes, this was exactly the episode I saw. Thank you!