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Feb 5, 2008 07:54 PM

picking faucets

does anyone have advice about picking faucets for a large kitchen sink and a smaller island sink- pull down/ gooseneck/ lever etc. brands, models etc?

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  1. We just redid our kitchen. Go to Expo, study what they have. DO NOT BUY THERE. Look at the finish, shapes, see what you like. Then get the brand,serial number. Then go online and go to sites like They will ship for nearly nothing, no tax, and low prices.

    We have a Kohler, Vinnata. I like the gooseneck with a lever on the side. The whole faucet swings and pulls out. Goosenecks are great for filling large pots on the counter. Levers are great for aging America. Old hands have trouble with turning faucets. Levers don't need the ability to grip.

    1. I think Janet's advice is spot on. We found what we wanted at Expo and then bought from (that URL appears to have been taken over by a different company than we dealt with, however). In our case we ended up with a Grohe model (2 of them, actually) - pull down, gooseneck, lever - and are still pleased with them after using them for 3 years.

      1. The heavier, the better.....and I adore hi-powered sprays; cuts your work in half....

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          Ask your plumber which faucets can be easily modified so that they have a higher flow rate.

        2. I have been real happy with our Grohe. I found what I was looking for and that got it on ebay and saved at least a couple hundred bucks.

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            Definitely head to Ebay to buy it. I got a nice Moen with pull-out sprayer for $100 less than at Lowe's or wherever.

            As far as what faucet to get, it depends on your sink and countertop somewhat. I used Paperstone for our countertop with an undermount sink and installed it myself, so I wanted to drill as few holes as possible, both for looks and to minimize labor. I chose a Moen that only requires a single hole to mount it. If you are using a drop-in sink with several holes already cut in it, you have more options.