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Feb 5, 2008 07:54 PM

New Yorker's first time in Seattle

I've been so busy at work, I haven't had a chance to post before tonight. Leaving at 8 am tomorrow for Seattle for two nights. Wish I could stay longer to explore all the wonders of the City and beyond. But, for now, in between work commitments, l'm looking to taste some of the City's best - and best kept secrets - all casual dining. Any suggestions?

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  1. This was a post I did for a similar request...

    I third Crave for Breakfast- It will be a little walk up to Capital Hill but you could make a morning/adventure out of it* Maybe do lunch up there too.
    UMI is great for sushi happy hour- The best I have found so far!
    Cascadia HH is wonderful too- They have great mini burgers and there is a salmon variety. If it is sunny out and you are willing to bundle up. Sit outside- Great urban atmosphere.
    I have heard that the burgers at Brasa in the lounge are some of the best in the city and Tamara is one of our "famous" cooks- she battled on Iron Chef.
    You could Serious Pie for a Tom Douglas Experience- I have heard good reviews*
    I am attaching some of my links and reviews to give you more background and information. Make sure to check it out.

    This list is about Pike Place eats and cheap eats around it-

    Also- I would suggest taking the bus, walking over the Fremont bridge after taking Westlake to it, or getting a car for the day and exploring Fremont and Ballard- both fun spots and Fremont and Ballard have farmers markets on the weekend, shops, restaurants, local parks, activities, etc. It would be a shame to just stay downtown :)

    Here is my uber long list for places around there and link-
    I live in Fremont- basically reall around the corner from Ballard. Here are my recs based on experience, your budget, and having fun.

    Mike's Chili Parlor- right by the Ballard bridge- was on Diners- Dives- and Drive~Ins (not typical chili- it is just meat and onions with awesome midwest east coast style seasoning)- Get just the chili and make sure to add jalapenos (this is what the owner recomends)- large portions and inexpensive
    Spuds Fish and Chips- Greenlake area... one of the best in Seattle- there is also one on Alki that you can take a water taxi too.
    Roxy's Diner in Fremont- for breakfast- E.O.G(egg on bagel) is $1.95 with extra meats and topping to be added on for $. They use Bagel Oasis- suppose to be the best in Seattle- fun decor!
    Jolly Roger Taproom- Ballard- for sliders!! and the sampler of local brewery Maritime (they have a HH)- is on the water industry side of Ballard
    La Isla- Ballard... something a little different that has been getting great reviews- Puerto Rican food!
    Kwanjai Thai- Great, inexpensive, and the best Thai in Fremont
    Quazi Curry House- Fremont- Very nice inside with linens and fine service- under $10- extensive menu with many wonderful options- they also have a lunch buffet
    Rancho Bravo- Taco truck on 45th by I-5- one of the best
    Dicks- A local institution- Go hungry... get fries, a shake, and a cheeseburger- cash only- cheap! eat it in the parking lot like a teenager or take it to a park like Gasworks.
    Mighty-O donuts- In tangletown (between Wallingford and Greenlake... beyond worth the effort to find... I love even just their plain donut (favorite is french toast and pumpkin) and after 4pm they are half priced
    Musashi's Sushi- on 45th in Wallingford... the fish is fresh and you can get take out- one of the best cheap eats in Seattle
    Trophy Cupcake- on 45th in Wallingford as well- you will not find better... do not bother with Cupcake Royale... try the cupcake of the day, green tea, or hummingbird. The triple chocolate is very decadent. The lemon is amazing.
    Brouwer's Cafe- Biggest selection of beers to try in a Belgium style setting
    Mad Pizza in Fremont or Zeek's Pizza- for a slice
    Caffe Ladro- for a local coffee experience- in Queen Anne, Fremont, etc.
    Than Brother's- Ballard- pho under 5(cash only)! delicious and many locations- veggie and chicken are my favorite
    Gordito's Healthy Mexican- in Greenwood... order the larger burritto(big as a baby... really!)- split it- and make sure to order it wet and fajita style. All for under $10 total
    Hi- Life- Ballard... brunch is suppose to be amazing
    The Dish- between Fremont and Ballard...suppose to be one of the best breakfasts in Seattle

    Volterra in Ballard is reasonable for Brunch or your splurge meal
    Senor Moose in Ballard(Mexican regional dishes) is very original and a must try
    Paseo in Fremont- cannot be missed... it just opened again this weel- it sometimes runs out of sandwiches early so go for a lunch or take home to eat later- the Midnight Cuban and the Prawn sandwich are the favorites
    Ray's Boathouse has HH in the cafe upstairs- all food based! Best view and right by the Ballard harbor

    other Downtown recs- some repeats :)
    HH at cascadia, umi sake house, dragonfish in the paramont(look up thier menu!
    )Green Leaf
    Black Bottle for tapas and wine in Belltown- try the antipasti and one of the "flatbread"
    Del Rey for fun swanky enviro and HH in Belltown

    Here are some links for cheap eats, finds, and whatnot...

    Also- here is a link to the previous thread...

    1. Former UWS, now Seattle resident.
      One word: Sushi. You'd have to spend 5x what you get in Seattle. Plenty of info on the board.

      Agree with Green Leaf