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Feb 5, 2008 06:30 PM

Bittman's new Blog

Mark Bittman has a new blog up at NYTimes.

I think his style would fit perfect with this kind of reportage. Looking forward to it!

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  1. not so good. i read it it top to bottom. maybe he'll do better. i hope he doesn't recycle previously published stuff. we'll see.

    1. Why did I get the impression that Times management asked him to do it? That they wanted more "print" material from him because he's so popular in his videos in the Times.

      1. I think the blog is off to a great start. Did anyone else see all the recipes posted on February 4? Wow!

        It seems that a lot of folks around here don't care for Bittman, and I don't understand why. Personally, I really love How to Cook Everything Vegetarian; I have a ton of vegetarian cookbooks, and I think it's the best of the bunch.

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        1. re: Jackpot

          My wife loves his book. It motivated her to start cooking again. That's high praise. I can tell you that everything she's made from that book, without exception, has been just great! She likes it because the recipes are straightforward and generally simple, and because they turn out good cookin'. I find his videos amusing and insightful. Very little mystique with him, and maybe that's why people don't like him.

        2. Love Bittman--glad to have more access to him between PBS shows!

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          1. re: SeaSide Tomato

            Yes, and he should do more TV. His shows are as fun and interesting as Keith Floyd's and Anthony Bourdain's.

              1. re: danhole

                yes-in thr Boston area he's on a local PBS bradcast station and a cable PBS station. Same show, different times/stations.

              2. Thanks for the post on the blog. Hubby and I also enjoy him and use his "How to Cook Everything" as a frequent point of reference. I can't wait to try the spaghetti and fried eggs: it seems so simple but sounds so delicious.