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Feb 5, 2008 06:06 PM

Dessert Recipe

I've been asked to make a dessert this weekend and was wondering if anyone had anything they love to make for dessert to inspire me. I have made the banana peanut butter cake that was posted on chowhound and it was fabulous but I was wondering if anyone else had anything spectacular. Maybe I would be lucky twice on this board. thx.

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  1. One of my favorite desserts for company dinners is a frozen concoction called Apricot Victorian. It's a recipe I got from a B&B we used to visit in Ludlow, VT, called The Governor's Inn. It probably wouldn't be suitable if you have to travel with your dessert but, if you're serving it at home, this one's a definite winner.

    Governor's Inn Apricot Victorian
    Deedy Marble, The Governor’s Inn, Ludlow, VT

    1 pound canned apricot halves, drained
    ¼ cup lemon juice
    1 lb.apricot jam
    heavy cream

    Purée apricots. Add lemon juice. Melt down apricot jam. Strain out solids (I use a food mill) and add liquid apricot to purée. Freeze in shallow container.

    When ready to serve, place a *small* scoop in a pretty glass dessert dish (mini martini glasses work really nicely) and cover w/2 oz. of heavy cream. The cream freezes instantly over the surface and becomes almost like a thin coat of wax. I always put a small pitcher of cream on the table when I serve this because people really love it.

    Last time I made it, I also improvised a version with canned pears and pear preserves, then served a mini-scoop of each. It worked great.

    1. I, too, love the Elvis cake, and don't know if it's toppable. :) But a huge hit at my friends' gatherings is Jamie Oliver's version of sticky toffee pudding (think it's in Dinners, but not entirely sure). My friend is the one who always makes it, but I've checked the recipe, and it looks fairly straightforward. Seriously, it is requested *every* single time we get together!

      1. Two of my most requested are quite simple...

        Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread (on Epicurious)

        Tyler's Ultimate Cheesecake (on Food Network) w/o the Sauce

        1. Hi Janine! Depending on what purpose and the number of people you are serving, here are some ideas. I have posted about several of these before (I love to bake), so feel free to click on my screen name and look through my posts:

          *Italian Cream Cake
          *Crème brûlée
          *Grandmamma's orange cake (you need to make this at least the day before)
          *Molten chocolate cakes
          *Cheesecake - I just tried this recipe a couple of weeks ago and was highly impressed; it was much more creamy than the recipe I had been using.
          *Red Velvet Cake

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            Hi Tehama,

            I clicked on your name and found the tiramisu and orange cake but didn't find the italian cream cake. Can you post me a link? thx

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              Hey Janine, good morning. The link for Italian Cream Cupcakes is at With that said, you will see in my post that I wanted to make a cake out of it instead of cupcakes. I ended up making cupcakes as called for in the original recipe and they were absolutely divine. I was really anxious to try that version of the Italian Cream Cake recipe and it was wonderful with the hazelnut syrup incorporated into the batter and icing.

              This is the original recipe for Italian Cream Cake that I have been making for 15 years and it has never failed to win many compliments. Plus, it is very pretty to look at with the toasted shredded coconut. As with many cakes, if you can make it the day before, the flavors seem to get richer.
              Cook at 350 degrees in (3) greased and floured 9-inch cake pans for 18-20 minutes.

              Cream 2 c. sugar and 1/2 c. vegetable shortening in a large bowl. Add 5 egg yolks (you will use the whites separately). Alternately add 2 c. flour + 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 c. buttermilk. Stir in 1 small can of shredded coconut and 1 c. chopped nuts (I usually use pecans). At this point, fold in 5 egg whites which have been separately beaten until stiff and standing on their own. Pour batter in equal amounts into the greased/floured pans.

              After allowing cakes to thoroughly cool, frost the cake layers, top, and sides. If desired, cover with {toasted} shredded coconut.

              Frosting: Beat 11 ounces softened cream cheese and 6 tablespoons softened butter in a medium bowl. Incorporate 1 tsp. vanilla. Then blend in 1 and 1/2 c. sifted powdered sugar until well-blended and mixture is thick but spreadable.

              Good luck! And thanks to everyone else for their ideas. I can't wait to try some of them.

          2. I like this chocolate ganache cake--it's really pretty, too. I used coffee instead of water.


            I've also recently made dulce de leche cheesecake which everyone liked. I used this as a base recipe but fooled around w/ it a lot--increased the amount of cream cheese, used sour cream instead of milk, more eggs; added sugar (both brown and white) to the crust. In hindsight I probably barely used the recipe but kind of improvised.


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              chowser, can you share? Did you use 4 pkgs. instead of 3, 4 eggs instead of 3?

              Did you use the recipe for homemad dulce de leche?

              It looks delicious, and I love dulce de leche. TIA.

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                I did the short cut dulce de leche where you boiled a can of sweetened condensed milk for a couple of hours. For the recipe itself, I think I might have used 4 packages of cream cheese and 5 eggs, a large dollop of sour cream, no flour. I reserved over a cup of cheesecake batter to mix w/ the dulce de leche. I did use brown sugar in the crust which makes it taste caramel-ly and works great w/ the dulce de leche (basically this crust: Don't hold me to the exact ingredients, though--I think cheesecake is one of the most forgiving desserts as ingredients go. If you use the waterbath, and turn off the oven before the cheesecake is finished, leaving it in w/ the door ajar for an hour until it cools, it's perfect every time.