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REVIEW (w/foodie porn flix and pix!): Lucky Devils - Devilishly Delicious!

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A preview of coming attractions:

Out of the two, I have always preferred 25 Degrees over Lucky Devils. It’s not so much for the food but for purely emotional reasons: the first time that I went to 25 Degrees I was very sad because my beautiful Mr. Darcy had passed away that day from a heart attack at a very young age. The waiter knew that I was upset, he didn’t know exactly why, and he gave me a free milkshake. I have always remembered his act of kindness.

But nearly two years have past and I can now emotionally jump into the Hollywood Blvd. Burger Battle. I recently revisited Lucky Devils (which is owned by the extremely gorgeous Lucky Vanous from the Diet Coke commercials) with some serious foodies to see which burger place is indeed the best.

My chocolate cake shake:

I was originally going to order the roasted pecan shake (it has reached the notoriety of the date shake) but since I had a migraine that afternoon I thought it prudent to stay away from nuts. My shake was just ok; the whipped cream was certainly delicious but there was too much on it and I pretty much got filled up before I could seriously sip the shake.

We discuss burgers, weight, and chili cheese fries:

A close-up of my perfectly cooked Kobe Bacon Blue burger:

The foodies really liked the burgers but the only complaint was with the bun which most felt wasn’t hardy enough in texture and taste.

Who doesn’t love devilicious chili cheese fries? These are made with Kobe beef chili:

The foodies did not like the plain fries at Lucky Devils. I remember that the last time that I ordered them I didn’t particularly like them either. But with some good chili, cheese, and onions smothered on them how can you go wrong? It’s a definite improvement but it’s going to cost you $$.

So which is place is better? In my opinion the fries (with a zillion dipping sauces) and the shakes (oh, how I dream of the Valrhona Chocolate shake) are better at 25 Degrees but the burgers (and isn’t all about the burgers?) are better at Lucky Devils. You don’t get as much variety in toppings at Lucky Devils as you would at 25 Degrees but what you do get is plentiful, high quality, and very tasty. Also, I’ve always gotten my burgers perfectly cooked at Lucky D’s but the last couple of times that I went to 25 D’s my burgers have been overcooked and dry.

Lucky Devils
6618 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

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  1. that burger looks delicious. damn this diet, damn it to hell~!

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    1. re: ns1

      agreed! damn that burger looks hella good. and i'm starving now.....dang you!

    2. That looks amazing! Did you order it rare? It looks deliciously near-raw....

      1. I was so impressed with Lucky Devils burger. I went to Hungry Cat for the Pug burger and could not have been more disappointed. The LD burger is my favorite in LA now and the bun was so amazing it sealed it for me. Great review.

        1. OMG I love the pecan shake at LD so much that I cannot bear to hear you say that 25 Degrees has better shakes! I would kill for this pecan shake. I like 25 Degrees a lot. But I love Lucky Devils more. Last time I went to 25 Degrees, I thought the fries--two orders, both arrived cold--tasted just like In N Out, which is good, but not near the level of LD's fries, which to me seemed like another level, another league.
          I love the Diablo Burger at LD. Hot sauce.
          And on the pecan shake: why not have that if you have a migraine? You don't need to answer that, but I thought nuts were good for headaches.
          Almonds, I know, are.

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          1. re: George

            Well, the Valrhona Choc shake is definitely better than the Choc Cake shake so that's how I came to my conclusion (believe you me, I've gotten some flack for it!). I do really want to go back to try the roasted pecan shake and then I guess I can make a further determination then.

            Certain nuts (peanuts especially) or any nut in large quantity gives me migraines. So, since I already had one I didn't want to end up in the emergency room after such a lovely lunch.


          2. I think I'm still digesting last night's red velvet cupcake from LD's. Sinfully delicious. A tad too small for $3.25 a pop... but whatever... it tastes good. Those pictures on your blog are awesome.

            1. Great review. The Kobe Chili Cheese fries are absolutely *killer* at Lucky Devils.

              1. Last time I was at 25 degrees the fries were horrible. I remember my first trip there and the fries were really good. Last time they were under cooked, under seasoned, and luke warm. The burger was forgettable too. I prefer LD all the way!


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                1. re: mattyshack

                  Of the two, I prefer LD too but 25 degrees is not bad - they're just inconsistent (the last time I went, everything was way too greasy!)

                  And I'm still quite fond of the toasted pecan shake @ Lucky Devil's!


                2. In my opinion, the order of the burgers discussed here, and often discussed together because they're all within a few blocks of one another, is clear: 1. Hungry Cat; 2. 25 Degrees; 3. Lucky Devils. Hungry Cat is by far the best, in a different league, best ingredients, made with the most love, one of the only burgers in LA that is actually a real restaurant dish, that grows on you with each bite, is complex, leaves you wanting more. 25 Degrees is good beef and you make it how you want it it, with other fun and good ingredients, but it's just good, not great, and ultimately I don't want to be the chef. Lucky Devils I've had a few times and it's totally not as good either of the others, I do not get the hype over these burgers at all, except that the combo of thousand island and hot sauce on the Diablo is very good. (BTW way, best burger at Lucky Devils is the grass fed guy, I believe called the Lucky Burger). (And also BTW, fries at 25 Degrees win, and Lucky Devils fries come in a distant 3rd)

                  1. I had the turkey burger, as I am wont to do, at Lucky Devils. They made the patty with rosemary. I like rosemary, but not in my turkey burger, plus it overpowered the whole burger. Also did not like that brioche/brioche-like bun. That soft texture just doesn't go well with a burger. The fries I got were a bit overcooked. Guess I'll have to try the famous pecan shake.

                    1. Too much whipped cream? HUH???