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Feb 5, 2008 05:25 PM

Dinner recommend in Warminster/Warrington

I have to meet someone for dinner on 2/12. Need some suggestions for moderately upscale. Just about anything will do.

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  1. I would go up 611 5 minutes to Honey in Doylestown. Altenatively Bacci in Buckingham or Il Melograno in Doylestown are good choices. A couple of other options in Doylestown include Domani Star, Knights House, Slate Bleu are good alternatives.

    If you like sushi, the folks from Oota-ya in Lambertville have opened one in a shopping center at 611 and street road. Its BYO

    If you like chains, PF Changs has opened in the new Valley Fair shopping center as has Ted Montana's grill.

    1. The Fountain Side on Rt. 611 in Horsham is good but I don't think it has a bar. Villa Barola on Rt. 611 in Warrington gets mixed reviews. I know someone who takes business guests there all the time and raves about it and others who say it did not make the grade. My one meal there was good. I can second Baci in Buckingham, but it might be getting a little far. It is one of our favorites in the area. Generally, there is not a lot in Warminster/Warrington that would qualify as "moderately upscale."

      1. I haven't been in ages, but my family use to go to the Old Mill Inn in Hatboro and have agreeable meals with good service - nothing stellar, but good

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          We used to go to the Old Mill Inn occasionally but something changed there about two years ago. We haven't been there since. From our experience and that of another couple who went a month before we did, do not order anything with a sauce. Maybe things have improved since our last visit -- or at least made it back to its old level of good but not stellar (as stated above).

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            Just read in Michael Klein's Table Talk that the Old Mill Inn reopened this week (sorry, didn't know it was closed) under new ownership. Might be worth a try.

        2. Magnolia Cafe is on Horsham Road. It's very good. Not upscale, but the food is good and it is right on Rt. 611 in Warrington is Cafe Allessio. Yalda Grille is also on Rt. 611 and Horsham Road. Again, not upscale, but they have fixed it up more since they opened and the food is Afghan, so it wins points for being different (and delicious) All of these are byobs. So, if you don't want to drive up to Doylestown, these are some alternatives. There is also a new Italian restaurant on Horsham Road that looks lovely, I haven't been yet. It is owned by the people who owned Cafe Mediterreano which closed recently. I found the food good at Cafe Med - but the prices a little high (esp. for the wine) and the atmosphere to be stuffy. Don't know what the new place is like.

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            Thew new restaurant is Buon Via, I have never tried it but have seen some recent posts about the place (mixed reviews).

            Yalda Kabob is great, some of the best food in the area, but it is not really upscale.

            Cafe LaFontana in Hatboro is a nice choice for italian.

            Ooka is a good choice for Japanese.