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Feb 5, 2008 05:01 PM

non-pub-grub near boston garden?

Hi -
I'm going to the Celts tomorrow night with a couple of business colleagues - we're looking for a decent meal that's not pub grub within a reasonably short walk to the garden. Any suggestions come to mind?


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  1. You could try Neptune Oyster in the NE. Not too far but, depending upon how many of you there are, seating could be a hassle.

    1. You've got the whole North End and the Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market Area from which to choose. All are within easy walking distance to the Garden. Unless, of course, it's raining, and then nothing is close enough!

      1. You also have Flat Iron Tapas in the Bullfinch Hotel nearby

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          I went to Flat Iron a few weeks ago before a Celtics game and have to say I was a bit disappointed. We got 3 sliders (roast bbq pork or something) which were just about the blandest tasting things I'd ever eaten - OK, the bread was tasty; can't remember the type of fish but not only was the name forgetable but also the (lack of) flavor). The mac and cheese on the other hand - fantastique! I got a rye drink which wasn't bad - nice to see rye available - but it seemed to just keep getting sweeter and sweeter with every sip.

        2. Johnnie's on the Side, new place

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            Drove by there today and the signs say "coming soon"- is not open yet