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Feb 5, 2008 04:51 PM

Best Place for Seafood in PV???

We have been to PV 2 times now and are on our 3rd trip there at the end of April. So my question to all you well traveled PV "Where do we find the Best Seafood in PV???? with out paying a arm and a leg (like we do at home). Please someone help us, we have heard that they serve really good lobster in PV, but no one seems to remember the name of the place they ate it, so I am starting to wonder!!!! Could someone please let me know... Thanks so much and I look forward to all your help.
Oh I forgot we where recommended to the Blue Shrimp on our first trip and the shrimp was good, but I really didn't think it was well seemed like the pricing was no diffrent then in the states and it was just so so to me......anyways I thought I would jus throw that in there.

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  1. My favorite is Cuetos. Small, Mexican, inexpensive, family owned and operated. It's at Brasilia 469, that's just up the street from the big soccer field. They have lobster but I prefer the langostinos which I think are more tender with a more delicate flavor. Prices for both are in the 220 Pesos area are the most expensive on the menu so there are lots of less expensive items. Before taking your order they will show you a platter with everything that's available that day.
    Agree on Blue Shrimp, it's for tourists.

    1. 'I lived in P.V. for 6 years, returning to the states in May. Do you have a stove where you are staying? If so, the fish market just across the street from Rizo's Supermarket on the south side has very good shrimp and very reasonable prices by U.S. lstandards. I would often spend 10-15 pesos on 5 16-20 shrimp, enough for one meal.. As far as reasonable restaurants, Mariscos Polo on the south side is where everyone who lives there goes, it's quite good, although not fancy. Forget Blue Shrimp or Shrimp Factory, the prices are for tourists, no one who lives there eats at places like that. As for lobster, if you are used to cold water lobster, aka Maine, forget it, what is available there is warm water lobster, a different creature altogether, taste is nowhere similar and restaurants charge like it is Maine lobster. Also Robertos on Basillo Baddao on the south side also is quite good, a bit more money and fancier than Marisco Polo, but good. I suggest the whole Huatunango, snapper at Roberto's

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        "As for lobster, if you are used to cold water lobster, aka Maine, forget it, what is available there is warm water lobster, a different creature altogether, taste is nowhere similar"

        That is the exact reason why they SHOULD try it... the local Spiny Lobsters have a deeper savory flavor (instead of the light, sweet flavor of Maine lobsters)... everybody I know that has had ample experience with both... vastly prefers the Spiny Mexican lobsters although the flavor may need to be acquired if you are used to the Maine lobsters.

        1. re: Eat_Nopal

          EN, I totally concur, and I don't understand why spiny lobsters get a bad rap. Unfamiliarity, I suppose. Aside from being a beautiful, colorful animal and fun to observe while diving, they can be prepared in flavorful dishes that rival any crustacean.
          And they don't have that watery, flaccid end -of-summer "soft shell" condition that afflicts Maine lobsters :)

          1. re: Veggo

            Unfamiliarity... a little bit of Cultural Imperialism... and marketing. The Maine Chamber of Commerce and other NGOs in the U.S. have done a good job of creating a Premium image for their Cockroaches of the Sea... and then their is badmouthing into the industry. I have made a friendship with a local restauranteur that graduated from CIA N.Y... and he was telling me that its pretty common for people from various Marketing Boards to do seminars at culinary schools... the Maine people showed up... and he said they spent more time dissuading the would be chefs from featuring Spiny Lobsters, Crabs & Crawfish etc., than promoting the Maine lobsters. I think at some point the marketing becomes a "value" that is filtered down to consumers.

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              EN, I enjoy your politic phrase "Cultural Imperialism". I lack your smooth social skills; I call it ignorance. Let the fools rush in, and leave the spiny's for us!

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                "Let the fools rush in, and leave the spiny's for us!"

                Long live the fools and long live the Spiny Lobster, Conch & Octopus divers!

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            Hi Everyone, Please keep in mind that Jacs is looking for places that have the best seafood. General discussion of seafood is off topic here.

        2. cafe pacifica on basilio badillo has all you can eat shrimp for about 20 usd
          comes with soup salad and dessert? at least with soup and salad

          shrimp are prepared 3 0r 4 ways pick and choose your way

          and it is good!! shrimp are my favorite food and i loved it here

          also try Mauricios out on the road to las palmas about 35 shrimp for 14 usd
          you take the bus that says ixtapa it is about a 35 minute ride

          cab might be 100 pesos

          la coleguita in the marina might be nice for you

          el brujo in the back of old town @ venustiano carranza corner of naranjo

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              Si Senor and Blue Shrimp owned by the same people are good and both very pretty restaurants, you mentioned Blue Shrimp but I prefer Si Senor.
              Try the shrimp on a stick they sell on the beach!!

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                I second Mauricio's - $120 pesos for a huge plate of combo seafood, served with soup, salad, rice and an after-dinner Kahlua and cream. It's in the little town of Ixtapa. A little rustico, but you will find it brimming with local people, not so many tourists. We live in Bucerias, a bit north of PV, and also like Adautos here in Bucerias very much.

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                  Blue Shrimp is a godawful restaurant.

            2. i forgot to mention the oysters on los muertos beach

              a dozen for 10 dollars or less depending on how you can bargain

              they do this in the morning