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Feb 5, 2008 04:46 PM

Clotted Cream

It seems like I've noticed clotted cream come up on the boards lately. I'm not ready to whip some up from scratch just yet but I did pick some up at the market today to give it a try. While the boards seem to suggest that traditionally one eats it with british scones, I was wondering how I might best enjoy some store-bought clotted cream. I realize that just as movies never do books justice, most store-bought items don't even compare to homemade. I just thought this would be an easy way to try something new. Any ideas? Thank you.

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  1. I don't think I've ever bought clotted cream in the U.S. However, depending on where you live, you might find a place that does afternoon tea. In NYC there are a few places including tea and sympathy.

    1. My favorite recipe for scones is from epicurious:

      Shockingly quick and easy to make. Try those with some strawberry jam and a bit of the clotted cream and a cup of tea to chase the winter doldrums..

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        Oh my goodness that looks so simple, I will definitely try that and report back! Thank you :)

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          Made 'em today!! They really were sooo easy. I didn't went for currants though instead of apricots, and I wasn't sure about the lemon/currant combo so I didn't add lemon zest. Should I have? But back to the main pint of the clotted cream: NOT SO MUCH. I'd rather do the work and enjoy the results. What I bought was a geletanous substance that didn't taste much like anything. Thanks to all for the advice :)

        2. I am pretty sure it can be mailed from Cornwall or Devon - I bet if you googled clotted cream you would find some mail order place.

          we normally have it with scones. Very easy to make, delicious warm, and not great the next day so eat em all. I like a few raisins in mine. Just half a scone, strawberry jam and a blob of cream. However clotted cream is also yummy on porridge with brown sugar, or apple crumble/crisp. Anywhere in place of cream on a dessert - mousses, fools, pies.

          1. I've only ever had store-bought/jarred clotted cream (I'm so jealous of those that have had the real thing!). But I thought it was wonderful on scones w/ lemon curd or jam.

            If there are places that do afternoon tea nearby, you may be able to order frozen scones from them. I ordered a bunch for a baby shower that I hosted, and it was so lovely to have warm-from-the-oven "fresh" scones w/ clotted cream & lemon curd. (Note: I've never made scones before, so I went w/ the frozen ones.) Whole Foods & Trader Joe's also sells scones, that I would pop in the toaster oven & eat w/ the cream/curd, but I thought the frozen ones that were baked fresh tasted better.

            1. I've replied to this on another post....but i'm wondering Fussels cream in a can the same as clotted cream? I grew up on Fussels...and see that Carnation cream in the can looks much the same.....and that the clotted cream i see on Wiki..looks like what we had in the cans......

              we always had it over canned peaches or fruit cocktail when i was growing up....or on slabs of home-made bread and jam.