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Feb 5, 2008 04:12 PM

Brunch help - Moonshine, Eastside or Threadgills

Yes, I know they are all totally different.

My best friend, a vegetarian, is coming to town this weekend and I'm in a brunch predicament.

Threadgills - okay food, good live music, decent drinks.
Eastside Cafe - great veggie selections, but I wasn't thrilled last time I went there and felt a little rushed. Yet, I'm willing to give it another chance.
Moonshine - never been, brunch menu looks great and I like the location.

Other consideration: we'll have our infant (still in the always sleeping stage so he doesn't make a ruckus), and my friend loves her mimosas. We want somewhere we can sit back, relax and give her an authentic taste of Austin. I've been agonizing over brunch and have all of our other meals picked, so I thought I'd let the trusty hounds make this decision for me. :)


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    1. I second Moonshine! There is something for everyone on the buffet. And the mimosa's were good last time I went.

      1. Moonshine would probably be your best of the three with the perameters you've set.

        1. I also really like Blue Dahlia Bistro on the East Side - if the weather is nice their patio if perfect for Sunday brunch and they have a nice veg selection...

          1. Moonshine is great - everything I have had there at their brunch is really tasty. Since it's a buffet it's easy to get in and out with an infant since you can just go up and get what you need. My only advice is get there early if possible (I forget what time they open) because there can be a bit of a wait for seating...) Enjoy!

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              Agreed. Go about 15 minutes after they open. No lines, but by the time you're through, the stations are hard pressed not to be picked over and all have lines 10 to 12 deep. Earlier the better.

              I've been meaning to try Blue Dahlia...

              1. re: amysuehere

                I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions. We went to Moonshine and had a great time. Service was spotty and it took 20 mins to get our check once we were done, but it was Sunday and we were just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Thanks again hounds!