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Feb 5, 2008 04:10 PM

News: Viridian and Chop't

Hey, I was wondering about trying brunch at Viridian and their website seems to indicate that they've decided to shut down. Bummer, since brunch at Creme (tried it a few weeks ago) was delicious but too pricey. Has anyone tried brunch at Polly's on U Street?

Random sighting: They're apparently opening a new Chop't in Rosslyn. Right on the Cosi and Chipotle strip.

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  1. Really--brunch at Creme was too expensive? We got out of there for under $50 including tip this past weekend for a party of 3...

    1. I think Chop't should work on the quality of their food before they keep expanding. I went to the one in Chinatown and had I not substituted dried cranberries and cheddar in my salad, my Chop'ten with grilled chicken and honey mustard would have been absolutely tasteless. Not to mention the less than friendly demeanor of some of the salad makers who don't listen to your order and then throw the entire contents of the bowl away when they make a mistake. Repeatedly. And my Jewish friend found bacon in her non-bacon salad.