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Feb 5, 2008 03:48 PM

Lunch near the Pantages?

i have a date at the pantages. the show starts at 2. looking for a nice lunch spot nearby.
any recommendations? we love sushi, steak, seafood... will try anything ethnic.

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  1. All of the normal dinner spots are also open for lunch.

    This is a search for "pantages":

    This is a search for "wicked":

    Specifically, for sushi there's Sushi Ike on the corner of Hollywood and Gower and Katsuya on Hollywood and Vine.

    For seafood, there's Hungry Cat, and there's also seafood at Los Balcones del Peru as well as Fabiolus Cafe.

    A good steak frites can be had at Bowery on Sunset between Vine and Argyle.

    In terms of ethnic food, the very closest would probably be Al Wazir in the same shopping plaza as Sushi Ike, although personally when I think of ethnic food in Hollywood, I think of Thai Town, where everyone will be open for lunch.

    1. well depends where you're coming from...

      ethnic, peruvian at los balcones de peru on vine. or, ethiopian places like rahel or meals by genet if you come up fairfax via the 10. or, the hole in the wall, robert's russian cuisine on la brea at hawthorn.

      i also like cube on la brea.

      if it's not sunday, try lucques

      jar for a wonderful brunch or campanile does a great brunch as well (the cottage cheese pancakes).

      for burgers, try lucky devils.

      magnolia and bowery are both okay, but my last two times at fabiolus were less than expected.