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Vegetarian Tasting Menu

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I really love vegetarian tasting menus. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm just slightly finicky about certain seafood and meats and enjoy seeing what interesting things chefs can do with vegetables. I've been to Aureole and Per Se and am looking for other suggestions in New York. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Boulud has one. I've never been to the restaurant.

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      I'm going next week!

    2. hangawi offers korean vegetarian fare and you can order a la carte or have a choice of tasting menus; tried to go last friday night for the first time but no tables; smelled heavenly and the restaurant was very inviting; will head there again, this time making a reservation.

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        I've been meaning to hit Hangawi, I'll definitley have to move it up on the list.

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          ugh went there.

          the place was really bad, not much better than franchia, which I wrote about (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/486798) which is their sister restaurant. the food was very low-quality ingredients, overly sweet, very rough preparations for a place that is supposed to be a "temple" of vegetarian cuisine. we had assorted mushrooms on a sizzling platter and it was basically about a pound of white mushrooms, in a sticky sweet sauce. the emperor's roll was fun, DIY mini-crepes, but the platters were pre-assembled and still cold from the fridge, the crepes were soggy. the mongolian hot pot (marked *spicy) was not. I would not recommend the place.

      2. Grammercy Tavern offers a nice one! I'm not a vgetarian either, but I loved it alot. :)

        1. I went to Blue Hill last night. They did a vegetarian tasting menu for me and a pescatarian tasting menu for my boyfriend. The entree, a cauliflower "steak" over cracked wheat, was delicious. And the vegetables are so fresh, since they get them from the Blue Hills Stone Barn farm in Westchester.

          1. Devi has a vegetarian tasting menu that appealed even to this Atkins-friendly omnivore.

            1. Tabla also has one, though I never ate there.

              By the way, how was your experience regarding Aureole's veg menu? I heard a lot about Per Se already, would like to hear more about the other one.

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                I've had the veggie version (and the pescetarian version) of the tasting menus at Tabla's Bread Bar-- both incarnations were fantastic. I have also had adapted veggie tasting menus at Eleven Madison Park and Babbo (both restaurants were very accomodating) and they were also excellent... especially with wine pairings!

                Tabla is my favorite for going regularly, Babbo and Eleven Madison Park were great culinary experiences but difficult to pull off on a regular basis!

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                  I haven't been to Aureole since they changed chefs, but the few times I had the veg. tasting menu it was excellent. One visit in particular was quite outstanding. The menu compliments the regular tasting menu nicely, without it being just the sides.

                2. There's Vatan, which is Indian - 3rd & 29th.

                  1. You might also like this: http://www.4coursevegan.com/menu.php

                    It is in Brooklyn. I haven't gone but it calling to my vegan girlfriend.

                    1. Pure Food and Wine. A raw food restaurant. I am a meat lover and was really impressed with this tasting menu.

                      1. My foodie friends swear by the veg tasting menu at 'inoteca, which is a lot cheaper than Aureole, Tabla, or Per Se, but it's a good little restaurant and the menu is satisfying and delicious. Since they focus on a lot of cured meats, I'm surprised that their veg tasting menu there is so good. Note that if you go in a group of something like 5 or more, you have to have a tasting menu.

                        Last time I was there so was Tom Collicchio, who seemed to be really enjoying his meal, if that also adds to my rec. :)