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Feb 5, 2008 03:17 PM

Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine

I have a family dinner planned for this weekend at Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine on valley. what are your thoughts?? just a normal restaurant...banquet style?? anything i should eat or NOT eat?? haha. i grew up in sgv and have also traveled, so i am very used to asian not much surprises me fyi :)

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  1. Never ordered the banquet menu. Their claim to fame is the boneless cold chicken. Nothing they do is going to wow your socks off. They've been in biz too long to not know how to cook Chinese food.

    1. Their house special chicken is what everyone tends to order. Sort of like Hainan chicken with more oomph.

      Also check out the salty fish chicken fried rice. Very pungent, some would say stinky, but goes down like a charm. Has that irresistible durian-like quality to it -- you know, it stinks so bad, but tastes so good?

      Also, while people rave about the slippery shrimp at Yang Chow (which I think is a complete candied mess), the walnut shrimp that Phoenix Inn makes are about 10 thousands times better.

      Just be careful of stray bullets. At least 2 reported shootings in the past year ...