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Feb 5, 2008 03:05 PM

Jewish Bakery and Butcher

I'm looking for the above in the Baltimore area. I sense that there should be some in the Pikesville area, but we can't find any except for 7 Mile. Thanks-

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  1. For Bakery.....there's Goldberg's Bagels, Goldmans and Schmell-Azman....all are on Reisterstown RD. THere's a Kosher butcher next to the Knish Shop on Reisterstown Rd too.......forgot the name

    1. Wegman's has a Kosher meat section/butcher which might be okay depending on your level of observance.

      1. You might try this question on the Kosher Board

        1. Trader Joe's also sells kosher meat. There are a few stores and restaurants in the DC suburbs, like Kosher Mart in Rockville (dingy and unpleasant) and Shalom in Silver Spring, but there really isn't an outstanding bakery to be found. If you find a quality rye or some cream cheesy rugelach, give a holler!

          1. In the next shopping center past 7 Mile going away from Trader Joe's on Reisterstown (on the opposite side of Reisterstown from 7 Mile) is Wasserman and Lemberger. Not a big store but superior meat (and service IMO) to 7 Mile.

            There is also a bakery and kosher restaurant in that strip center aswell as a kosher candy shop.