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Feb 5, 2008 02:51 PM

Dinner/Drinks on a Wednesday Night - Suggestions?

I'm having dinner/drinks with one of my good girlfriends tomorrow night, and we just want some place different..and still yummy. I'm looking for a place that's similar to Solstice/Andalu - with a bar, has good food, reasonably priced, and fun. Anywhere in San Francisco is fine. Any suggestions? I'm open to any type of cuisine.

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  1. Farmer Brown might do the trick. Full bar - I've had yummy watermelon and kiwi margaritas there. I enjoy the food - it's California style soul food with a little cajun in the mix.

    1. Coco 500, Zuni is always a good bar, Laiola (one of my faves)

      1. Perhaps Two will work...although not so reasonably priced.