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Feb 5, 2008 02:36 PM

Oasis in Cherry Hill

I saw the old postings for Oasis and I think they needed an update. The restaurant added an entire dining room-essentially tripling in size. This has the more traditional couches and low tables.It's beautiful but the new cash register area is awkward-just doesn't fit in. The food is still excellent-I am a big believer in the Hommus supreme (with the foul moudamas on top) and the lamb cigars for appetizers, the cous cous with vegetables and the mint tea are excellent. My whole family loves the soups-my wife demands the chicken soup when she is sick. I usually miss the main dishes-I get a sandwich and all my appetizers. The few times I have had them they were great. The service is a bit hard to flag down but it's all one family. They also added a belly dancer-friday or saturday. I have to start trying some new stuff there too. Some of the sandwiches are a bit odd-Chicken Angelo Cataldi-hmmmmmmm-sounds moroccan. Still reliably great.

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  1. Oasis is the best middle eastern restaurant in Philadelphia's NJ suburbs. The NY Times review is a couple of years old but still pertinent. Harira soup, hummous, and the 2 combination dinners are all excellent. I've had good take out sandwiches too. I think the expansion occurred a year or so ago and the belly dancing has been going on for a long time too. Sitting on the couches in the back room is a treat. It's on Church Rd very near Rte. 38. (2431 Church Road) Highly recommended.

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      Where exactly on Church is this? Is it near the Gallos Bakery? I cannot picture where this is, but would like to give it a try.

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        If you are coming east on 38 turn right at the circle onto Church heading towards Colestown Cemetery. Almost immediately you will see the restaurant in a little strip mall on your left. You are there. Gallo's appears to be about 2 miles away on Kings Highway. I don't know Gallo's. Haven't lived down in that area since 1970 although I frequently drive through. Should I check it out next time I'm there. Always enjoy a new bakery!

    2. If they are making the Chicken Angelo Cataldi, then Oasis is another outpost from Philadelphia's Bitar family. Their place at 10th and Federal is a treasure.

      1. Gallos is on Chapel Ave and Kings Highway-you need to go North 1 more light and make a left on Church Rd-It is in the first strip mall on the right-about 3/4 mi from kings highway.

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          There is actually a second Gallos bakery on Church Rd, next to F&M Caterers; just up from where the WaWa is. I had thought that is where Oasis might be, but I drove by there the other day, so now I know exactly where Oasis is. Glad someone pointed that out, as I would have never noticed that shopping center.

        2. Never knew it existed. Thanks for the pointer.

          So, we stopped by saturday for lunch.
          Had the hummous supreme. (fava beans on top). It was great.
          Had the Harira soup. It was great.
          Had the Falafel sandwich. It was great.
          Had the Kofta sandwich Mediterranean style. It was great.
          Only one other table taken so the service was fine. So I can't say how it is when the rooms are filled.

          We'll go back for dinner sometime -when they don't have a belly dancer - to get something in a Tagine.

          1. Tried this for lunch today and it was very good. My friend and I split a falafel appetizer and each had a different type of gyro. Very tasty. We also had some of their hot sweetened tea, which had a great flavor. They have quite a large menu with many appetizer and salad selections. Absolutely worth checking out. Lunch for the two of us was $20 plus tip. Great suggestion; they are tucked away in an almost invisible shopping center that is easy to miss, so I never would have even noticed this place. I'm glad you brought it to our attention.