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Feb 5, 2008 02:33 PM

Scott Howard closed - vday refugee

I just read on tablehopper that scott howard is closed

Opentable has taken it offline

I had resy for vday so this sux even more, wondering where u guys would go now, this late in the game


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  1. Probably not the suggestion you're looking for, but: don't go out. Valentine's Day is a terrible day to eat out, and I personally think it's much more intimate to have a quiet dinner at home. Cook, or spend half what you would have on the restaurant and get some high-end gourmet prepared foods (lots of finger foods), add some champagne, some mood lighting, soft music, etc. Much more romantic, IMHO.

      1. Sorry about Scott Howard, just read it's for reorganization & should open again in 4-6 wks per Inside Scoop, Chronicle:

        Why not check out Quince? It sounds awesome. Hungry Celeste's report: