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Feb 5, 2008 02:07 PM

African oxtail meal?

Any suggestions for fantastic oxtail meal (braised over rice), as found in African cuisine? Hole-in-the wall and close to the Orlando/Winter Park area would be great. I've had Boma and Jika suggestions - anywhere else?


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  1. Mama Nem's on Kirkman & Old Winter Garden road does standard southern-african oxtails, braised and served with gravy. I've had them on two occasions, and they've always hit the spot.

    Also, a couple of places on Church St. in the Parramore area serve them occasionally. Johnson's has them one day a week, and there's a buffet (the name escapes me) east of Johnsons that does the sometimes, too.

    Don't miss Momma Nem's. It's one of the finest places for soul, african, southern food in town. Desserts are out of this world, too.