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Feb 5, 2008 01:43 PM

Yuma-great delivery on a new delivery?

I haven't been to Yuma in 15 years. My college roommate and his wife just had a new baby and I would like to send some food over to the house. I have a reputation for good food so I want to send something good if I can. They are both Italian from Northern NJ-anything there to remind them of old home? Thanks
I was an old poster on the site before the new format-it sure is sweet.

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  1. Well, Yuma hasn't grown that much in 15 years. Except for Olive Garden, about the only Italian place (that isn't pizza) is Ciao Bella, and I'm sure they don't deliver. De Boyz out in the Foothills area does deliver, but it is fairly pedestrian Italian.

    There is a restaurant delivery service (Dine in Delivery) at 928-345-2541. I have no idea what restaurants they deal with. Open, I believe, from 4-9 pm. You might call them and see what is available.

    Good luck!


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      you might want to try Julieanna's Patio Cafe...I may be using them to cater a doctor's lunch in a few weeks!

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        Julieanna's usually serves good food and has a nice atmosphere. Probably a good choice to cater a lunch. But the OP was asking about delivery and Italian, so I didn't think to mention it.

    2. I'd just order from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor. Everything they do is spectacular. EVERYTHING. Beats every deli I've ever gone to in NY, and they even have some care packages for new parents.

      If you want to send something easy to heat up and that will taste spectacular, go for the Georgia Reuben sandwich. I have inappropriately lustful dreams about this sandwich on a regular basis.

      1. Thanks for the reccomendations-I'll do a little research later today. Deli might be a great idea.

        1. I am going with dine in delivery-Hawiian bbq and Indian food-It looked to be the best/fast result. Zingerman sounded great but at 50$ for a coffee cake Emeril better show up and cook it in their kitchen. I understand about the sandwich-I have had many an inappropriate thought about a sandwich. They have been to Ciao Bella and walked out laughing-the husband said the chef came out and was asian, making it impossible for him to respect "Italian" food there.

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            You probably did as well as possible. The Hawaiian bbq isn't bad, and the Indian place can do some good dishes.

            As for Ciao Bella, I thought the chef was Mexican/American, but they may have changed chefs for all I know. Yuma is great for "authentic" Mexican food, but not many Italians in town.