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Feb 5, 2008 01:20 PM

Chi Chi's

A. Do these still exist? B. Didn't they wrap hot dogs in tortillas and deep fry them? Just checking

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  1. i haven't thought about chi chi's in years! i know for a fact their salsa still exists in local grocery stores, but i do believe the chain has gone under. if you are looking for a deep fried frankfurter, then you might want to try El Torreador located in DT OP. Approx. 78th/ and a block west of Metcalf. They serve them up there!

    1. Chi Chi's has been out of business for a few years.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Shame they're gone -- I always liked the special beef (shredded) chimichanga. But around the time they left the Wichita market, we went there, waited 20 minutes to be seated in a mostly-empty room, and then could never get a waiter to bring us a menu, take a drink order, bring us some chips, etc. We waited 15 minutes, and walked out.
          Fortunately, the buildings were taken over by chinese Super-buffets, which is what happens to every empty restaurant building in Wichita.

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            I'm going to sorely miss the sweet corn cake.

            1. re: spellweaver16

              check your local grocery store--Chi Chi's branded "Mexican" foods still exist, including corn cake mix.

              1. re: spellweaver16

                Oh, the corn cake was heaven! The rest of the food, just average.

              2. re: podunkboy

                I loved the greasy chips. And I totally forgot about the corn cakes with pink butter!

                1. re: shopgirl26

                  Not exactly ChiChi's, but La Mesa out west sure makes similar chips. They're my family fav. If you're looking for tamales, the folks that used to sell-out at the Old Town Farm & Art Market now have restaurant in Delano - Mexico Cafe. The mom was out sick for a while, so hope their pork tamales are back.

              3. B. Yes, yes they did. It was an item on the children's menu once upon a time. And I believe I once willingly ordered these things... *hangs head in shame and disgust*