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Chi Chi's

A. Do these still exist? B. Didn't they wrap hot dogs in tortillas and deep fry them? Just checking

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  1. i haven't thought about chi chi's in years! i know for a fact their salsa still exists in local grocery stores, but i do believe the chain has gone under. if you are looking for a deep fried frankfurter, then you might want to try El Torreador located in DT OP. Approx. 78th/ and a block west of Metcalf. They serve them up there!

    1. Chi Chi's has been out of business for a few years.

      1. Shame they're gone -- I always liked the special beef (shredded) chimichanga. But around the time they left the Wichita market, we went there, waited 20 minutes to be seated in a mostly-empty room, and then could never get a waiter to bring us a menu, take a drink order, bring us some chips, etc. We waited 15 minutes, and walked out.
        Fortunately, the buildings were taken over by chinese Super-buffets, which is what happens to every empty restaurant building in Wichita.

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          I'm going to sorely miss the sweet corn cake.

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            check your local grocery store--Chi Chi's branded "Mexican" foods still exist, including corn cake mix.

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              Oh, the corn cake was heaven! The rest of the food, just average.

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              I loved the greasy chips. And I totally forgot about the corn cakes with pink butter!

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                Not exactly ChiChi's, but La Mesa out west sure makes similar chips. They're my family fav. If you're looking for tamales, the folks that used to sell-out at the Old Town Farm & Art Market now have restaurant in Delano - Mexico Cafe. The mom was out sick for a while, so hope their pork tamales are back.

            3. B. Yes, yes they did. It was an item on the children's menu once upon a time. And I believe I once willingly ordered these things... *hangs head in shame and disgust*

              1. The chain is gone. The owning company was already bankrupt when Chi-Chi's had a huge hepatitis A outbreak in Pittsburgh. They went down from over 120 locations in 2000 to 65 in early 2004. The last 65 closed in September of that year.

                1. The spirit of Chi Chi's lives on in remembrance of this great Mexican outpost:


                  I used to work at one in college, so it will always occupy a soft spot in my heart!

                  1. I miss Chi-Chi's- my favorite dish there was Twice Grilled BBQ Buritto. You can find some "copycat" or "top-secret" recipes on the web if you look.

                    1. Grew up on Chi CHi's in Des Moines, Iowa!!! Man - that big golden chimichanga - Mom ordering a frothy pina colada - Dad and his hot salsa - drawing on the placemats - being pissed when my placemat wasn't on the wall the next time--

                      Chi Chi es muerte. :( (bad spanish, i know).

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                        stellamystar, you cracked me up with your artwork/placemat "issue"!

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                          Glad to make you smile - although, I recall truly feeling slighted. Nothing the fried ice cream wouldn't make up for, though! :)

                      2. Lol! Chi-Chi's! This was the place to go for my special "birthday dinners" as a kid. It was one of the only times that I was allowed to choose the restaurant for the whole family! I even walked away with leftover refried beans (yum-lol) and an awesome sombrero! I always looked forward to the fried ice cream, even though now that I think about it, the stuff was completely forgettable. I don't quite feel like there's a place like this for my kids, though. I guess I should start looking. No big deal. My seven year old loves going out to eat no matter where we go.

                        1. just saw this and had to comment. I grew up going to ChiChi's as well, and I loved the grilled chicken- tasted lime-marinated like the CHIHITAS (not fajitas, that was one of their schicks) but not sliced up put on the hot as hell plate.
                          In college, we used to go and tell the people at the front that one of us was celebrating a b-day, just to wear the silly sombrero and have them sing "ay yaye yaye yaye, we wish you a happy birthday, from all of us at CHI CHI's to you we wish you the best on this day, ole!

                          1. A former VP of Chi-Chi's is behind the chain Tumbleweed's.


                            1. I hate to be negative, but I found Chi-Chi's less than mediocore, my in-laws took us to the one in Rochester, NY and to the one in Houston several times, the only thing I likes was the fried ice cream. Just too much good Mexican and Tex-Mex down here. Lo siento.

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                                This thread has brought back some memories. The one dish I do seem to recall is the Mexican Fried Ice Cream which wasn't half bad.

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                                  I accept Chi Chi's for what it is...non Mexican, Mexican food. Fried ice cream is yummy. I have made a variation at home using corn flakes and it's very similar.

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                                    I used to work at a ChiChis for about 3 years (I miss the food dearly) and when we ran out of the standard coating we would get corn flakes, crush them, and add some cinnamon. Couldn't tell the difference.