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Feb 5, 2008 01:07 PM

Vegas Hotel Restaurants

Ok, here's a hypothetical question. If you could stay in any hotel in Vegas with the only condition being all your meals had to be eaten in that hotel, which one would you pick and why?

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  1. so no criteria on the hotel rooms - the key is the food...and no budget ....geez - tough question - since i live part-time i haven't stayed in a vegas hotel in a few years but if i was to quickly rate just the hotels ( based on my past experience and seeing friends rooms ) and also focusing on the hotels with the top food choices :
    THE Hotel
    as to ranking the above for food ...i haven't eaten at the top 2 restaurants ( at least i think they are - guy savoy and The mansion )

    Mandalay - aureole, fleur de lys, stripsteak, burger bar, border grill, china grill fleur de lys and burger bar, enjoy stripsteak and border grill ...buffet (improved over the last 6 months) ( i have yet to eat at the verandah )

    wynn - alex, DB, okada, bartolotta, the buffet, etc -

    Venetian - holy cow - sooooo much - B&B, bouchon, delmonico, valentino, aquaknox, , david burke, postrio, etc

    bellagio - le cirque, olives, fix, the buffet, picasso, prime, michael mina, etc

    caesar's - guy savoy, bobby flay, raos', bradley ogden, and of course all the places in the forum shops - the palm, puck's places, etc..

    mgm - the mansion, nob hill, crafsteak, fiamma, sea blue, emeril's fish, etc

    damn..... i can't pick one...i really can't - i think once palazzo opens - if you consider the venetian and palazzo as one...they might get the nod for shear volume alone - but i'm still a little ticked about the steakhouse overload at palazzo...i guess if i have to pick one - i think caesar's if you include the forum shop restaurants is the current top dog ...but i feel like you really can't go wrong with any of these resorts........i am not a fan of planet hollywood so no comment on the restaurants there....

    1. I'd have to say Wynn... not only do they have a great variety, but their signal-to-noise ratio is brilliant.

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        im going with venetian with mandalay bay right after

      2. Although not my favorite restaurants are there I would have to say Manadaly because the hotel is fun and not stuffy. And the restaurants are very solid from the high end to the medium to a casual burger at the burger bar. And hell I can make a meal on sangria and green salsa and chips at the border grill

        1. I'd choose the Wynn, with MGM, Bellagio, Caesars and Ventian in second place. All 4 have great high end restaurants, but who wants to spend $1,000.+ for 2 every night? MGM, Bellagio and Caesars all have great restaurants that you can do 2 for $400 - $600. Wynn has SW Steak house, which IMHO is better than any of the other steak houses at above mentioned hotels. Wynn has Bartolotta for great Italian, with an emphasis on fish. I must admit that Caesars would win for Sushi, although in a much more "relaxed" atmosphere. But for breakfast Bouchon at Venetian and Tableau at Wynn are the only places we'll go. I vote for Wynn.

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            I'd definitely put Wynn first, with the Venetian/Palazzo complex second. If you throw in the Forum Shops, Caeser's would have to be up there too, with some good choices in the shops supplementing the hotel's own offerings. MGM also has a good selection. I'd put the Mandalay Bay kind of far down on the list; like Fleur de Lys, but not a big fan of Mix, Aureole, Rumjungle or Red Square (except for drinks)...

          2. Wynn definitely first - so many of its restaurants are top notch.

            Next, MGM. It has the best restaurant in town (Joel Robuchon), plus L'Atelier.

            After that, Bellagio, then Caesars.

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              My favorites are Wynn, MGM, Venetian (they've snuck up with B&B and Enoteca) then Bellagio. If you want a full listing of restaurants and ratings by the top casinos let me know because there is a website that has a listing just for this question. My list is slightly different.

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                what is the website that has the listing of ratings..would love to read it.