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Looking for places to get meat knishes in Boston


I'm new to the board, and here to get recommendations for a friend. She used to get knishes from a store called Omni when she traveled to Boston, but she's been told that the store has closed. I saw a recent thread here about knishes, but it focused on New York-style potato knishes, and she wants to find the oval-shaped meat knishes.

She'll be out there again this weekend, and asked me to get a list of places for her to try, to find something similar to the Omni ones. I don't know which area of Boston she'll be in, unfortunately. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. rubens deli on harvard ave in brookline has them and i have seen them in the sudbury farms grocery store deli section before as well. i like the ny ones way better so i am no expert !

    1. Barry's has them in Waban, I think, as does Baker's Best in Newton Highlands. I think your friend was referring to the now-closed Omni Supermarket on Rt 9?

      1. I think Michael's Deli in Coolidge Corner has them. And maybe the Russian store Bazaar just up the street on Beacon.

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          Yup Michael's does have them. I had a pastrami knish there which was very good.

        2. I use to buy them at the Omni on Rt 9 next to Milton's but that closed well over a year ago. I've been buying them at Andreas at the Putterham shops on the rotary since:

          1012 W Roxbury Pkwy
          Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

          (617) 327-2202

          They are a little smaller and I think more expensive at Andreas but Andreas is expensive in general. FYI Cheryl Ann's Bakery is next door and they have some pretty good cakes and cookies.

          1. Roche Bros/Sudbary Farms has decent ones at the deli counter for about 85 cents.

            1. The Butcherie, a kosher supermarket on Harvard Ave in Brookline (I think it's a block south of Fuller street), has various types of meat knishes in the cooler across from the deli counter. No good if she wants to eat them right then, but perhaps she can transport them home.

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                Thanks all! It probably was the Omni a few of you mentioned. I'll be showing her this list of options tomorrow.

              2. I stumbled onto a deli in Sharon just past Wards Produce stand off rt 95,exit 8, in a small strip of stores. I think the name was Al's Deli. Not only did I think their knishes were among the best I've had, their corned beef is delivered fron NY and is far better than Michaels in Brookline.

                1. Barry's Deli in Waban (Newton) used to have good knishes and a variety. (Beef, potato, veg). They are the larger, square ones, and I'm sure they were imported from NYC rather than made fresh in store, but oh, they were tasty. Haven't been in several years, but they are still there, so likely still sell good quality knishes.

                  Barry's Village Deli
                  6 Windsor Rd, Waban, MA 02468

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                    Last week, I got a meat knish from Barry's. I hadn't had one from there for a while but they're just as good as I remembered from a few years ago. I wish they had them in a smaller version.

                  2. oddly enough, I've seen them at John Dewar's in Newton Center in the freezer