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Feb 5, 2008 12:52 PM

Raw food restaurants in NYC

We are having a friend visit from out of town and she is on a raw food diet. Are there any places we can take her that won't break our bank account?

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  1. Pure Food & Wine is raw food. I haven't been, but I think it's pricey.

    1. We have been to Pure Food. Once. The "lasagna" was sensational and is one of two reasons I might consider going back. The other is the opportunity to sit in the gorgeous back garden (which we used to do quite often when that location was occupied by the much-missed Verbena). Obviously, not possible right now. One thing's for sure, it's expensive.

      1. Love Pure Food and Wine! Another good (and less expensive) option is Quintessence in the east village.

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          Pure Food and Wine is amazing - I went with my parents and brother last month, and even my dad, who doesn't like anything but Indian, Thai, or Mexican, absolutely loved it. But it will break the bank.

          Quintessence is just ok, but if you're looking to get your friend some raw food solely to keep her on her diet, then it's a good option.

          Seriously, though, get thee to Pure Food and Wine! :)

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            Quintessence is wonderful. Their food is delicious and very inventive, like their raw vegan bagel and cream cheese dish and their chia seed pudding. I could go on and on about their menu! They're the oldest raw food restaurant in Manhattan, in fact. It's a small place, but fabulous.

          2. Angelica Kitchen usually has a couple of raw food dishes in addition to their splendid salads. It is much more affordable than Pure Food and Wine which while delicious is extremely expensive.

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              If you like your friend you wouldn't take her to Angelica - I have been three times (to give it a really fair chance) and every time, the food my friends and I ordered was bland, cold, and just plain BAD. I would honestly rather pull a fistful of grass out of the ground and eat it because at least the grass is free.

              1. re: scarlet starlet

                ha ha :) . Sorry you didn't enjoy your lunch at Angelica- I always find it consistently v. good (and fresh).

              2. re: robin76

                Angelica Kitchen has one raw food combo plate (also called their picnic plate) that is good in a pinch. But this is not a place to go to for a wide variety of inventive raw vegan dishes.

              3. Pure Food and Wine is far away the best. I recall Counter on Second Avenue used to have a raw menu some nights (probably have some raw dishes most nights).

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                  Pure Food and Wine is very expensive, but has a trendy atmosphere so can be a fun place for those who can afford it. But raw food purists should note that this restaurant does not use only all-raw ingredients. Recipes might have such non-raw elements as maple syrup and nutritional yeast.