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Feb 5, 2008 12:46 PM

Fun restaurant in Frisco? Help!

Anyone know of a fun/good restaurants to go in Frisco that is:
NOT romantic
NOT a sports bar
NOT Mexican food
NOT in the mall
Help! I don't know where to go to take a friend of mine to celebrate her new job. I live in Dallas and she lives up in Prosper so we figured Frisco was a good place to meet. We did not want to go into Plano and did not want to go to the Shops at Legacy. Thanks!!!

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  1. Have not been to some of these places. But here are some recs with websites so you can glance over the menu

    Isabella's Italian Restaurant - 121 @ Legacy - Kindy pricey....actually real pricey

    Terrelli's - Preston behind the Hooters - I always hear about the jazz going on b/c I listen to KNTU 88.1 if you like jazz it might be fun

    Rudy's BBQ - DNT east side north of Main St - chain BBQ...actually is good. I like the cream corn (not the mushy stuff) and turkey. I have been to the one in Denton

    Sakura - it is actually in Plano but on the south east corner of Preston @ 121 (behind Mc'Donalds and Chic-Fil-A). I have been here also and thought it was pretty tasy and reasonable for sushi. I liked the devil out for the japanese spicy mustard though (I think it is the chinese mustard version though

    Brooklyn's - Legacy @ Lebanon - I have had the pizza and it is pretty good for the area....not really any great places for pizza.

    Solare Spa & Cafe - Legacy & Lebanon - I inspected the place for my job and it looked pretty good....not sure if you are into cafe style food.....salads, veggie dishes

    Scotty P's - Preston just before Lebanon in the Tom Thumb shopping center - I have had the burgers and they are good

    Other than that it is real hard to give you a restaurant with the limitations....some of the suburbs would have little to no recs with that criteria

    1. Just had lunch to day at the Caribbean Cafe on the west side of Preston just north of 121. It's in the same center as Bennigans.
      We both had sandwiches (Cuban and Shredded Beef). Both sandwiches were good. They have a fairly extensive menu with lots of beef, pork and seafood dishes. They also have a full bar and appear to make all of the "Caribbean/tropical" cocktails.
      I'm sorry, but I did not pay attention to the prices of the other dishes but the sandwiches were $7.00 to $8.00 including fries. They could have been a little more generous with the fries but they were good, thin and crisp.

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        I concur about Caribbean Cafe. I went there for dinner two weeks ago and it was wonderful. The black beans have a great flavor and the sweet plantains were a delite. I had a beef dish and my husband had a shrimp dish and they were both really good. They are located right next to Acute Kids on the outskirts of the mall.
        Fadi's is also a good casual place to eat in Frisco. Their gyros, hummus and tabuli are all very good. They are also located on the outskirts of the mall.

        1. re: Chicago Native

          We just stumbled into Caribbean Cafe this afternoon, and it was a terrific find! I had the vaca frita (beef well marinated in citrus juices) and my husband had the ropa vieja (beef in tomato sauce). We also had the appetizer sampler and were pleased with pretty much everything we tasted, especially the salty fried plantains.

      2. LOFT 610 or Chaucers!!! Both off 121

        1. How about The Corner Bakery? It's feminine, in Frisco (right off Preston), and has yummy desserts. Fun for lunch and the chicken salad tastes great IMHO.

          1. An Irish Pub just opened recently in Frisco. It's on Main St, near the Tollway, across from the soccer stadium.


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              Must second Lochrann's, Plano Jim. Very good food, authentic Irish Pub atmosphere, and great live music. Got a review up on my Food Czar blog, if you'd care to wander over. It's a December posting.

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                Looks good! Is Lochranns a smokey bar like the Irish Rover or Down under pub? I remember going there and getting totally smoked out!

                1. re: pizzaQTpie

                  It's a non-smoking establishment.