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Feb 5, 2008 12:24 PM

Sur La Table gift certificate

i received a $100 Sur La Table g.c. and went today. i managed to get some silicone oven mitts and a replacement heatproof rubber spatula for the one that melted the handle on. then i got stage fright and couldn't figure out how to blow the rest. what would YOU do if you had $100 of Sur La Table burning a hole in your pocket? (well, $57 now, but i'll take either). thank you! =)

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  1. Buy some Le Creuset, or Staub. You can leave it to your grandkids in your will.

    1. Buy the 12" De Buyer "Carbone Plus" steel fry pan. Ditto Celeste on leaving this one to your grandkids too! At only $70, it's hard to beat... an amazing pan.

      1. I've already been burdened by this dilemma at Christmas time. I cruised the store for a while and settle on a 4.3qt Emile Henry Flame Top dutch oven. Wonderful and light, but I hear it's prone to breakage if mishandled.

        1. thanks for the suggestions! i already have a few key pieces of Le Creuset (including the dutch oven), otherwise, i'd be all over that. i'll have to check out the other items, though. the steel pan sounds pretty delectable.

          1. It all depends on the current state of your kitchen.

            I already have too much (for storage purposes) cookware, serveware, ware ware etc.

            So for my Sur La Table GC this holiday, I went with things I use up. Olive oil, good vanilla etc.

            But if I didn't have a great Le Creuset pot, I'd put it toward that. If I didn't have a set of silicon baking mats, I'd get those. If I didn't have a good boning knife, I'd buy one.