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Oct 25, 2001 04:22 PM

Weird Wacky foods and where?

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Someone's recent post on another thread that mentioned eating tongue started my mind going about foods that aren't so universally appealing like sweetbreads, tongue, tripe etc.

So my question for the day is, what's the wildest thing you've eaten in Los Angeles, where did you have it and how was it prepared.

Can you beat what the Survivors have had to eat? Give it a try!

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  1. Alligator twice, once at the late Orleans (popcorn alligator), and once in DC at the late (is there a trend here?) Dominique's (filet, breaded and sauteed).

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    1. re: misterb

      Crickets at Gueleguetza on 8th st. near Irolo. They sell them seasoned with chili and lime. to go only. Taste Like the Chinese dried shrimp.

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      Carolyn Tillie

      Duck tongues at Tung Lai Shun's Islamic Cuisine Restaurant in San Gabriel.

      Unfortunately for me (trying to be ever-so adventurous), they were too spicy for me to eat more than just a few. I have been meaning to go back and try their Goose Entrails....

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        Auntie Ms Gag 2001

        I once had Aligator ribs at Royce's Cafe Orleans on Pico, the way the chef's prepared it was awesome and tasted like chicken. Too bad it's no longer is business but I understand Mr. Royce still does catering :-)

        1. a couple months ago had a few bites of a cow's brains sandwich at the canary house in westwood. actually works quite well as a sandwich.

          1. Pig uterus in hoisin sauce at NBC Seafood's dim sum in Monterey Park. Absolutely delicious.

            You can also buy bull dongs (yes, I mean penises) at 99 Ranch stores, though I can't begin to imagine...

            And, of course, any decent Vietnamese restaurant's winter dessert will include durian, the Southeast Asian fruit which smells like a petrol station's commode (its odour can be scented at several hundred metres and its possession is not allowed on public transport in most SE Asian countries) and tastes absolutely divine.

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            1. re: Dave L

              Dave, can you recommend a specific restaurant in the L.A. area that serves durian? You've got me curious.

              1. re: LazyL

                You can purchase the fruit at
                Hawaii Supermarket
                120 E. Valley Boulevard
                San Gabriel

                1. re: Robin

                  Is the durian your basic peel-n-eat fruit, or is there more involved?


                  1. re: LazyL

                    I'm afraid I can't help you with that one.

                    1. re: LazyL

                      It's not exactly peel-n-eat but it's not far off. You have to do this outside or your house will reek for a week, you have NO idea.

                      Thaw the frozen durian (it is EXTREMELY rare to get fresh) outside but don't let it rot!!

                      It has a kind of thick shell, so you take a bread knife and just cut through the shell but NOT the pulp inside. Remove the shell (like you're making durian on the half shell) and scoop out the innards with a spoon.

                      You can get it at any of the Taiwanese- or Vietnamese-run markets (99 Ranch, Shun Fat, Phu Ky, San Gabriel Superstore, Hawaii, &c.) in season.

                      1. re: LazyL

                        You can't miss this fruit when it's sold in one of the Asian's the spiky one the size of a bloated pineapple. The look of this fruit is pretty intimidating. It was used as a fatal weapon in the Jackie Chan/Michelle Yeoh flick, Supercop 2.

                    2. re: LazyL

                      I believe 99 Ranch carries both the fresh and frozen ones. I don't know when they are in season, but I saw some a few months ago. Don't know how the frozen one tastes since I hate that fruit anyway, but you could probably get that year-round.