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Feb 5, 2008 12:17 PM

Where to buy Pork Bones?

Hi Everyone, I'm new to Austin. Does anyone know where I can buy pork leg bones? I want them for soup. I found pork neck bones at Fiesta but they're not the same. I haven't seen the leg bones anywhere yet. Thanks!

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  1. Could you use Ham hocks? Those are pretty easy to find. Otherwise, I would call a meat market and ask if they can reserve some for you.

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    1. re: Homero

      No, ham hocks won't do. Do you have any suggestions for a good meat market that might be able to do that?

      1. re: cardboard

        Have you tried any of the La Michoacana or La Hacienda?

    2. You could also try Longhorn Meats -
      2411 E MLK
      (512) 476-5223
      I get pig feet there -

      1. You might try Lee's Meat Market over by Kirby Lane, the owner is very helpful and can probably you what you need! Also - there is a pork vendor at the farmers market on Saturday's at Republic Square Park - he might have pork leg bones...

        Good Luck!

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          check Asian mkts. I think the new one in the Chinatown center has them. can't recall. they do have the meat from those bones...they are the most likely source... but not just the one there, try the one a few doors down from Sunflower on 183 at Ohlen Rd. -- can't' recall the name of it either

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            Thanks for all the great replies!

            I called Lee's and Longhorn but neither of them had leg bones. Went to the farmer's market today and Peach Creek Farm said they normally sell the leg bones labeled "dog bones" but that they're fit for human consumption. They didn't have any today but they took down my order and said they'd have 'em ready for me to pick up next week.

            I'll be sure to look for them when I go to an asian market. It'll be nice to have a place I can go to anytime to get them instead of having to special order them to pick up at the farmer's market.

            1. re: cardboard

              I was at My Thanh last night and remembered your request, so I went over and looked at the meat. They do have beef bones, but only have "pork leg," which are probably 2 inch pieces from the lower part of the leg, with skin and meat attached. You'd have to prepare them. I also noticed that they sell "pig rectum" if anyone ever needs that!

              1. re: rudeboy

                Funny how it's easier to find pig rectum or uterus than it is to find soup bones!

          2. Just to confirm, My Thanh does sell raw scrap "pork bones" by the bag (approx. 4 lbs each) out of the butcher case. Picked up one yesterday (for about $2 and change) for the express purpose of making stock. I think they would work fine for your soup.

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              1. re: galroot

                galroot took it to the next level....good job.

                I had posted a while back on home cooking "what to do with pork stock." I'd come into some good pork bones and I made a stock. It turned into a strange gumbo. If you can , reply there and tell mw what to do with it the next time I make it.

                1. re: rudeboy

                  What to do with pork stock? Make the soup base for ramen which is a combo of pork stock and chicken stock. Or make Chinese superior soup stock which is a combination of pork stock, chicken stock, and Chinese ham.