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Feb 5, 2008 12:15 PM

I just got a charcoal grill and I'm veg... now what?

I live in Mexico, which explains why I'm doing a grill post out-of-season. My fiance eats meat, so I let him do his carne asada and arracherra.

But I'm looking for great, easy-to-assemble veg ideas outside the usual marinate-and-roast deal. We do quesadillas, strips of lightly oiled peppers, thin-sliced potato and onion in butter... but I wanted to know if anyone had a killer idea for sprucing up the usual stuff before I go nuts from quesadilla over-consumption.

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  1. Hi hope you're having fun with your grill. I love to grill and although I'm not a vegetarian I love grilled vegetables and fruits. One of my favorites is grilled eggplant. All I do is to cut the eggplant thick slices, toss with salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic and oil, then grill til it's slightly charred and soft. Another favorite is grilled peaches. All I do is brush them with a little oil and grill. I usually make a whipped cream to go with it, I flavor the cream slighlty with vanilla. Ice cream is also good with it. There are a lot of possibilities for veggies on the grill and if you'd like more ideas I can reply with some more. Happy grilling

    1. Pizza i'm assuming would be too close to the quesadilla sort?? Eggplant and zucchini are good on the grill, as are portobella mushrooms. something i tried once this summer was par-baking baking potatoes, "smashing" them flat with the heel of my hand and brushing them with oil, lemon, maybe a bit of rosemary or what not, and grilling them til crisp. I've also roasted beets on the grill, as well as corn on the cob or asparagus. Skewers of cheese, alternating with tomato and what not, are also good. Would veggie tamales work on the grill??

      1. Do you eat fish? Great on the grill. And as others have posted, vegetables: squash, peppers, eggplant, zuchinni, potatoes, corn. I usually toss mine w/ a bit of oil, garlic, fresh herbs and salt and pepper before either stringing them onto skewers or placing them straight on the grill.

          1. Halumi might be fun to try on a grill. I also seem to remember Ming Tsai doing some sort of huitlacoche taco concoction thing on a grill.

            In the vein of sweets, though, grilled pineapple with smokey cayenne or vanilla ice-cream with a just breath of cinnamon is one of my favourites. I've tossed bananas on grills before, too, and that was great.

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              mm, grilled pineapple. I completely forgot about this - I've eaten it, but never done it myself, and it's a great idea!