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Feb 5, 2008 12:12 PM

Gotham Steakhouse

Is Gotham Steakhouse worth the $$$? My husband cooks a pretty mean steak at home, so it seems like a lot to spend. Are we better to go to one of Van's other great restaurants instead?

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  1. It's hard to beat steaks and prime rib from places like Gotham, Mortons, etc. If you like steak, then it is money well spent. Are you better off going to one of Vancouver's other restaurants? It's apples to oranges. Personally, I don't think it's worth *my* money.

    1. I don't know a lot about steak... so someone please correct me if I'm wrong. My impression is that the really good steakhouses charge more because some of them dry-age their beef, which takes up to 40 days and intensifies the flavour and makes it more tender, but they lose "product" through shrinkage and the necessity of shaving the outer layer. I've had dry-aged steak once and there really was a noticeable difference. You can't get the same flavour through home cooking (unless you dry-age your own in your fridge or basement) because the steaks we get at the grocery store are usually wet-aged.

      I'm not sure which places in Vancouver offer dry-aged steak, though... does anyone know?

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        Gotham dry ages. I haven't been to Morton's but I believe that they wet age ( i don't remember where I heard or read this). The Keg used to boast about their 28 day dry aged beef. I don't know if they still do that. I haven't been to a Keg in a decade or so.

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          I am not sure if the Keg still claims that or not and I was just there a couple of weeks ago to have dinner with family. It was ok. Nothing worth writing a "review" about but it was solid and we left full and not feeling "robbed".

          Not sure I would feel the same way ... pocketbook wise I am thinking ... had we gone to Ruth's Chris here or in Calgary, the Chicago Chophouse or Gotham.

          My wife and I usually ask our servers where they would recommend we try dinner during visits to another city. When Gotham first opened it usually would be mentioned although almost without exception the server either prefaced the comment or concluded with, "I do not think that it is a place that you would like.".

          They were right. Vancouver has too many better restaurants to try and I have two few friends with ample expense accounts that I can stick with the bill.

      2. We seldom go out for steaks and we don't cook steaks at home, so when we do go out and eat the rare steak (really, no pun here) we make sure we go to a place that won't mess it up! That being said, there really is no guarantee, but I'd guess it a higher success rate for an above quality steak and service. I guess it's not worth the $$ if there's no expense account involved, or if it's your weekly joint, but for us, it's a worthy treat - once every few months. For those other months and weeks of the year, you can definitely get a decent steak at the many fine restaurants Vancouver has to offer. I completely believe and agree that the price of the steak also includes the price of the ambience and service - and yes, every so often, it's worth it to us.

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        1. re: morefuuud

          The only times I have been to Gotham and Morton's were on someone else's tab. The steaks taste even better when someone else is paying.

          1. re: fmed

            I guess that's why I'm having trouble getting over the price tag - I'll have to pay for it! Thanks for all the feedback. I know what you mean about apples to oranges, but I'm really just wanting a good dining experience in general. We don't get over to Van for a restaurant dinner often, so I want to feel satisfied with where we go. We've been disappointed sometimes going out for dinner & thinking we could've made the same (or better!) at home for a fraction of the cost (I know...I know...ambience and service and all that, but still). I think maybe I'll suggest we go to one of the other places mentioned in some other postings (Chambar, Aurora, Sanafir, Boneta, Cobre....actually a pretty long list!) and save Gotham for another time when I'm feeling more free with my money.

            1. re: Dubby Jo

              Chambar and Aurora have a flatiron steaks to satisfy carnivorous urges. Between those and Gotham? No contest.

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