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Feb 5, 2008 12:07 PM

Little Mexico - Westbury, LI

Noticed a small restaurant on Post Avenue in Westbury today. Anybody been to "Little Mexico?" I'll try it tomorrow, and report back.

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  1. Had a nice lunch here today. Chips and salsa were nothing special, but my Tortas Carnitas was very good. My only comment would be that I prefer a crunchier roll. It was the traditional mexican bread, but had a soft exterior - when combined with the beans, avocado, cheese, mayo gave it an overall mushy feel - only the lettuce and crisp edges of pork provided some contrast.

    The menu is a mix of tex - mex (fajitas, burritos, etc..) and authentic mexican (Mexico city tacos, tortas, sopes, huaraches, etc..) The waiter spoke perfect english and was very helpful. I'll be back - I encourage others to support them.

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        280 Post Ave, south of the theater.

        We, too, went by it a few days ago, gave it a try today.

        Definitely a come-baker. I had a thin-ish black bean soup fragrant with cilantro. Wife loved the tortilla soup, which had a float of fresh avocado slices on tip (nice!).

        Chicken tacos were well-stuffed with flavorful white meat chicken, for 2 bucks apiece. Tamales verdes, also 2 bucks each, lacked a little spice (not that tamales are ever that spicy anyway), but there were a couple of good, hot salsas brought with them.

        Had a champurrado to drink -- don't see that around here often.

        Note that the salsa with the chips, good tomato flavor, is on the medium/mild side. They have hotter if you ask.

        Daily specials are on a greaseboard behind the counter. All in Spanish, but easy enough to translate.

        Now that we've tried some of the standards, we'll explore more of the menu next time.

        1. re: met

          I like this place. I don't they have tocos al pastor?

          1. re: GCGuy

            Stopped by for lunch the other day. I unfortunately ordered a light lunch because I had arrangements for dinner out--I say "unfortunately" because it was excellent, fresh and flavorful (while the later dinner was disappointing). An absolute must-return.

                1. re: synergy

                  Inexpensive. The two of us were looking for iighter fare and we never even looked at the prices, but lunch for both of us was $11 and change--with tax. If you order more normally it'd probably be like $15. In fact, Erica's review in Newsday
                  says that she had the complimentary tortilla chips and salsa, a chicken tamale, two sopes de lengua, and a lime Jarritos soda, for about $15.

                  I didn't look for alcohol, but I *think* they do (I recall bottles of cerveza on display, but I could be imagining things).

                  1. re: Scott_R

                    THanks. Will check Little Mexico out. Always looking for good mexican without having to deal with the Besito hype & expensive prices.

                    1. re: synergy

                      Just went back there today and had a great lunch. here's the menu:

                      and yes, the menu lists domestic and imported beer, as well as sangria and red and white wine.

                      I'll add my thumbs-up to met's note about the tortilla soup.

      2. Ok, finally got there this weekend to try for the first time. The people that work there are so nice. I agree with the poster that said the chips/salsa was just ok. Nothing special. I too would enjoy more heat in my salsa. They brought out some spicier one later. Husband had the tortilla soup (he thought it was ok, not great), the carnitas in green sauce (he loved it). They make their carnitas different than other places, which just grill and then fry (?) the pieces of pork, making them dry. Little Mexico's carnitas seem more stewed, and they are very moist and great with the green sauce. We shared a chicken tamale. I thought it was quite dry and maybe it was an off day. I love tamales and order them any time they are on a menu. I also had a mixed salad, which was very big - right up my alley. Next time I might order a few tamales & salad. (they had 3 different kinds). I also had one of the specials listed on the board, shrimp & fish in a chipolte sauce with rice & black beans. By this time I was pretty full and took most of it home. I'd go back to this little, comfortable place next time we have a hankering for mexican food and we are in the area.